Top Ten Men’s Wear Types – The Ultimate Fashion Guide for Guys

The most important thing that men can do to level up their fashion games is by having different wear types in their wardrobe. These wear types can range from shirts to sweaters – pretty much everything that can help on different occasions. So you need to have at least one of each style in your wardrobe.

There are also certain wear types that can be used on multiple occasions and still look good. For example, T-shirts can be used on various occasions as they’re quite versatile and can go well with many combinations.

And then men should also consider the season. When winter is coming, you know it’s time to invest in jumpsuits and/or sweaters. A sweater can keep you warm and make you look stylish. Different seasons require different outfits that are both functional and stylish. For more information, read the article until the end.

Oxford button-down shirt

This classic menswear is both stylish and versatile. It has served many men all over the world for so many years. Oxford button-down shirt has become the base of many stylish outfits for years, and not without any reason. The fabric is thicker than most shirts, making it look more casual and suitable for different occasions.

If there is one wear type that can be considered timeless, that would be the Oxford button-down shirt. You can certainly use this shirt and combine it with various outfits. From casual to formal, you can wear it anytime you want.

Sweater over a dress shirt

The collar part of a dress shirt will look when it’s sticking out of your sweater. You can use a combination of sweater and dress shirt on many occasions. Just remember to tuck your shirt inside the sweater, and let the collar out.

Cuban collar short sleeve shirt

Nothing says relaxing more than a Cuban collar short sleeve shirt. The next time you’re going on a vacation, don’t forget to bring one or two of these shirts. Besides vacations, you can pretty much wear this shirt when you’re feeling like relaxing.

Dress shirt

There are times and places where you can’t wear anything but a dress shirt. Therefore, you can’t afford to not have at least one dress shirt in your wardrobe. Furthermore, whether you like getting suited up or not, you should wear a tuxedo once in your life. All the more reason to have a dress shirt ready. A typical dress shirt is cut from pique fabric, which was chosen for being able to keep fabric stiff and scrips without any crust.

Casual sweater and shirt

I think at this point, all men have this outfit combination always ready. Mixing a shirt and a sweater is like the ultimate lazy but presentable outfit that men can do. Just make sure that the top layer is big enough to fit a shirt underneath. Otherwise, you will look ridiculously puffy and tight.

The thickness of the shirt is also important. Once you find something that is just right, you should stick with it. Finding out the right size and thickness is crucial to making this combination works.

Flannel shirt

The thing with flannel shirts is that it is very flexible and can make you look fresh. No matter where you go or what you’re doing, you can always rely on a flannel shirt. Sometimes, men also wear a flannel shirt when they don’t know what to wear but still want to look good.


The overshirt is useful during the cold season, as it can warm your body and make you look stylish at the same time. This menswear can also be used as a replacement for jackets. Especially useful for men who don’t like to dress too much during the cold season. The overshirt is flexible, stylish, and functional. You can also wear something like a sweater on top of your overshirt when necessary.

Office shirt

Despite the name, the office shirt isn’t exclusive to office life. There is something called the business casual dress code, which makes you look both professional and casual. If done right, an office shirt can make you look clean and proper, but not too serious.

An office shirt usually looks good with or without a tie. So you can wear a tie if you think you want to or when the situation demands it. Some places offer stretchy and anti-wrinkle fabrics that will make an office shirt looks even better.

Turtleneck sweaters

Turtlenecks were initially worn by pop legends of the past. And now they are viewed as stylish and clean. But, not everyone likes turtlenecks, as some people view them as weird and funny-looking. That said, the thing with turtlenecks is that they make you stand out from the rest. And believe me, if you think turtlenecks suit, then you should wear one right now. Turtlenecks can also be worn with various kinds of outfits.

Collared shirt under sweater

Once again, sweater has been proven to be versatile and stylish. Now you can combine a sweater with a collared shirt. The collared shirt and sweater combo is a great method to complete your outfit in the easiest way possible. Just make sure you tuck your shirt collar under the sweater neck area.


There you have it, the top ten men’s wear types that every man should have in their wardrobe. With these outfit combinations, you can go anywhere while looking stylish and standing out from the rest.


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