5 Non-Awkward Ways To Tell Your Crush You Like Them

It’s common for guys to never stop thinking about their crushes. If you have a crush and her name pops up in your mind, you’ll be thinking about her, probably for a very long time. It’s all normal and all, but the problem is this could make you act awkwardly when you meet her in person.

Thinking about your crush all day, stalking her Instagram multiple times per day, or anything else could make you lose your mind when you see her. The thing is, you want to make a good impression. But how can you make that happen when you don’t know how to act in front of her?

So to help you with that, here are some tips that you can do to get over your nerves and tell your crush how you’re feeling about her.

Befriend her first

Many guys forgot this one important tip; never ever make the first move before befriending her first. So before you admit your feelings to her, you need to spend enough time together as friends. Try to know her better than you do right now. This step is crucial to learn more about your crush and let her know that you are a good person. More importantly, you need to show the girl that you like that you two can have fun together without any pressure.

Be as transparent as possible

Not everyone wants to play the game of love. Some people just don’t want to be bothered by guessing if you have feelings for them. Your crush may be this kind of person, and if that’s the case, you don’t want to beat around the bush.

So stop pussyfooting around her and drop less subtle hints to her. In other words, be as transparent as possible. This could feel scary at first but if you already know what your crush is like, I think you can make an easy decision as to be transparent or not.

Drop many hints

This is the opposite of the second tip above. Sometimes it’s better to be slow about it and drop subtle hints instead of being transparent or straightforward. You can compliment her, like her pictures on social media, laugh at her jokes, or be more supportive. Whatever subtle things you do will build up and sooner or later, your crush will notice your behavior. And don’t forget to make eye contact with her and smile.

Confess your feelings in person

Don’t be that guy who confesses to his crush via text or even worse, social media. Tell your crush how feel about her in person and believe me, you won’t regret it. If you’ve been following this article, I am sure you know her really well. So you know when and where should you confess your feelings to her.

For some ideas about the best places to confess your feelings, you can do it somewhere casual, relatively quiet, and with good vibes all around. Also, remember to dress nicely – nicer than usual if possible.

By confessing your feelings in person, she will know that you are serious and committed. She will also feel more enthusiastic answering your confession.

Stay composed after your confession

If things go really well, congratulations! Now you’re finally going out together with your crush. Make sure your relationship is going strong and healthy. And who knows? Perhaps this new relationship will go strong until marriage.

But if your crush doesn’t feel the same way, it is fine. Good thing you became friends with her before you confess your feelings. So now you can stay friends with her without feeling awkward being around her. It’s also not uncommon for a girl to change her mind. Perhaps after she is getting to know you better, she will develop feelings for you. Anything is possible.


So there you have it. These tips should be helpful for guys who want to act and look casual in front of their crushes. No more being awkward in front of your crush, and increase your chance of getting her in the future as well. Overall, treating your crush as a friend will always help, and of course, respect her private space as well.


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