Men Fall In Love When They Miss You

Love and relationships are two things that are very complicated for guys. They are complicated enough without even adding men’s feelings into the equation. While it’s true that there are no such things as miracle potions when it comes to love, there is one thing you can do to make a man fall for you and gain his attention long after you started a relationship with him.

The trick I am talking about here is withdrawing your presence. Yes, I know it may sound weird for now, but believe me, this trick works.

So why withdraw your presence?

This trick comes straight from a book written by the one and only Robert Greene. In the book, he said that you could preserve and even enhance your partner’s love for you by simply withdrawing your presence. But the key is that you have to do it at the right moment, right before the point when your partner starts getting bored or tired of you.

As you may already know, there are many books that talk about how your partner’s love for you begin to wither away. They take you for granted after some time or even pull away suddenly without any explanations. In other words, they just don’t want to talk to you and do things simply to avoid you.

When this happens to you, this simple trick could tip the scales in your favor. By withdrawing your presence at the right moment, you can make your partner realize that he or she’s been taking you for granted. You can also do things within the same nature that can reignite the flame of love in your partner.

Does this really work?

And if you think about it, this trick also works in economics as well. When an item is becoming rare, people are willing to pay a higher price to get it. However, if an item is easy to get, people will not be willing to pay a high price for it and don’t even want to put in the effort to get it. So by erasing your presence, you instill a feeling that your partner is starting to lose you. Then he realizes how much he loves you and wants you back into his life.

When you become scarce, and you’ve already in a long and established relationship, your man will respect and cherish you more than before. He will learn his lesson and do everything he can to keep you close. 

During the moment when you become scarce, many things can happen. For example, your man will dream about what you are doing at the moment, what you are thinking, where you are, and how can you be happy without him. And then he will start thinking about getting you back.

However, just be aware that if your man’s love is no longer true, then he will just forget about you and move on. He might look for others that can replace you in your absence. But then again, now you know that he doesn’t love you anymore, so you can move on and go on a new adventure.

Why do you need to do this?

It’s natural for men to feel like they want you when you’re gone. Because men are natural hunters, they like the thrill of the chase and all the other challenges. Men don’t like it when they can get women quickly. They want the challenge that can prove their undying love and will do anything to get the woman of their dreams.

Just understand that men want to feel that they are doing anything for the women they love. They want to feel fulfilled. And a successful hunt is very fulfilling. Men want others to see that they are able to catch you and bring you back, no matter how far you’ve been gone.

Fear is also a great factor

That being said, fear can also play an important role here. When your man is feeling like he is losing you, he may start to panic. During this panic, he will create a plan to get you back no matter what. This realization is a great way to remind your man how important you are in his life.


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