Top 6 Online Sports Betting Sites

Online sports betting has increased in popularity across the US. From the time Supreme Court removed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 on May 14, 2018, over $20 billion has been wagered at US sportsbooks. 

Every day, fans are searching for the best betting apps and sports betting sites. 

While this is a good thing, it can be overwhelming to identify the best online sports betting sites. More choice translates to more competition for your dollars.

Finding the best betting site boils down to your personal preference. But there are some sites that almost all users consider to be the best. Here are the top 6 online sports betting sites you should try out.

1. DraftKings Sportsbook App

DraftKings is a platform filled with slick features. It has the biggest success stories in legal sports betting.

The app is intuitive, quick and offers great sports betting bonuses. The first bonus is worth up to $1,050 across all markets they operate. Add that to the extra value associated with more obscure matchups and big games.

DraftKings users get high-value promotions and new odd boosts daily. This betting site offers straightforward terms and conditions ideal for acquiring new users.

They offer competitive MLB Betting odds and lines. You’ll find all types of bets you want. “Profit Boost” tokens enabled you to choose the lines you’d wish to boost.

DraftKings is legal in WY, WV, VA, TN, PA, NJ, NH, MI, IA, IN, IL, CO, AZ. The company will keep growing as it enters new legal states.

2. FanDuel Sportsbook App

FanDuel is among the best sports betting sites that prioritize user experience. It started as a fantasy sports app and quickly grew in popularity.

FanDuel had several years to develop and refine its mobile platform. And then later launched their sports betting app. The app is not only smooth but has a top-notch betting slip function.

It’s a go-to app for many bettors in many markets. The company offers ongoing promos, and you can expect to get something extra every time. On top of that, you get a first-time bonus of up to $1,000.

Thanks to its thoughtful and simple design, it’s easy to find odds on games and leagues you want to bet on. Technological innovation has expanded the wagering options for your preferred game.

FanDuel is not market-specific, unlike some competitors. Users from all the locations they legally operate can bet on the app. FanDuel is legal in WV, VA, TN, PA, NJ, MI, IA, IN, IL, CT, CO & AZ.

3. BetMGM Sportsbook App

BetMGM betting app is taking over states with legal sports betting by storm. The company offers a gambling experience and high expectations on sports betting offerings. If you love niche sports, then BetMGM has a lot for you to get excited about.

The company offers ongoing promotions and lucrative sign-up bonuses. This betting app as quickly expanded into new online markets. If online sports betting is legal in your state, you can expect BetMGM to be up and running soon.

The navigation is not as smooth as other competitors. But once you understand the layout, it’s easy for you to get down to business.

The design offers a fantastic start to both new and experienced bettors. BetMGM is legal in WY, WV, VA, TN, PA, NJ, NV, MS, MI, IA, IN, DC, CO, AZ.

4. Caesars Sports Betting App

Caesars is arguably among the best sports betting app. The brand has an established reputation among most American sports bettors. The app has flasher whistles, bells, and betting pieces for any sport you need.

Caesars loyalty program allows you to earn points as you play. Your play puts you in a position to receive freebies, comps, and other items.

Caesars sportsbook offers a lucrative rewards program and bonus offers. New bettors can get up to $100 free for signing up plus other bonuses.

The betting app and online sportsbook are user-friendly and cleanly designed. It has an easy-to-navigate menu to help you find lines you’re looking for fast. The simple platform and modest betting options make new bettors feel comfortable.

With competitive odds, you can place different wager types on all sports. Caesars is legal in WV, VA, TN, NJ, MI, IL, IA, IN, CO & AZ.

5. PointsBet Sportsbook App

PointsBet is an Australian-based company that made a successful debut in the US. It’s among the best sports betting site with a distinctive form of wagering.

PointsBet primarily focuses on sports betting, as indicated in their product offering. The platform offers fixed-odds wagering and a new take on totals betting.

The company looks at the margin of victory to offer dynamic payouts. So, if you’re right, you have a chance of winning.

PointsBet online sportsbook and betting app deliver an engaging and easy-to-use platform. The brand offers ongoing and extensive bonus offers and promos. PointsBet is legal in WV, NJ, MI, IA, IN, IL & CO.

6. Unibet Sportsbook App

Unibet has one of the broadest menus in sports betting. It has been in existence for over 20 years and is available in more than 100 countries. The company expanded into the US in 2019 and is headquartered in Malta with offices in New York, London, and more.

Unibet offers new customers a $500 welcome promo. The terms are straightforward and friendly to both experienced and new bettors.

The sportsbook is simple and basic. It comes with plenty of ancillary features. The great advantage of Unibet is the live betting feature. So, you don’t have to wonder what’s going on as Unibet features it front and center.

It’s an easy-to-use app and a simple spot to safely place bets. Unibet is legal in VA, PA, NJ, IA, IN & AZ.

Choose the Best Online Sports Betting Site 

Whether you are a first-time or experienced bettor, it’s easy to be confused at first glance. Each of the sports betting sites has distinct advantages.

This guide identifies the top-ranked online sports betting sites. Online betting sites have revolutionized how fans bet on their favorite sports.

Use the latest information and the best options available in your location. Focus on the key points to quickly identify the best online sportsbook for you.

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