Responsible Gun Ownership: An Introductory Guide

As gun sales spiked in March 2020, the number of accidental gun deaths spiked 31%. This is partly related to a lack of gun training and gun safety knowledge. Both of these aspects are essential in gun ownership.

In this article, we discuss the most important considerations when it comes to owning a gun. Continue reading to find out how to be a responsible gun owner and keep your family safe. 

Take Gun Safety Seriously

The first and arguably most important aspect of owning a gun is taking gun ownership seriously. Guns are not toys. They require knowledge, skill, and respect to be used safely. 

Consider Safe Gun Storage

Before going out to your local gun dealer, consider gun safety storage. Whether you live alone, live with others, or live with children, you should have a secure location to keep it. 

Popular options include trigger locks, lockable storage cases, and secure gun racks. These prevent other people from accessing your firearms without your permission. 

Purchase from a Reliable Source

Whether you’re looking for a new gun or more info on used gun parts, you should always purchase from a reliable source. This helps ensure you know the history of your gun and that you’re buying it legally to avoid any problems in the future. 

Learn How to Use Your Firearm

A gun owner needs to know how to properly use their firearm. This is a key aspect of gun safety. Ideally, this is done before you purchase a firearm, but it can be done after. 

Take a Gun Training Course

If you plan to take owning a gun seriously, you should complete a gun training course. They teach you good habits to improve safety. Examples include how to prepare your gun for firing, how to transport a firearm safely, and where to aim when shooting.

If you live with other people, including children, consider enrolling them in a gun training course as well. Having everyone in your home educated on being a responsible gun owner contributes to better home safety. 

Practice Safe Handling

Learning how to handle a gun safely is only part of responsible gun ownership. You also have to practice it. This can help avoid unintentional shootings caused by improper handling. 

Head to a Shooting Range

The more familiar you are with your gun, the more confident you become. The more confident you become, the better your gun safety habits are. Make regular trips to the shooting range to get comfortable shooting your gun and practicing gun safety. 

Keep Your Gun Clean

When some consumers think about buying a gun, they forget to factor in cleaning. Your gun should be cleaned after every use. This helps keep your gun in good condition and helps to prevent malfunctions and misfires in the future. 

Educate Yourself on Gun Laws

Gun laws vary by state, so it’s important to do your research before buying yours. Some states have laws that dictate how you can store your gun and who can buy them. Be sure you are legal to avoid any legal problems. 

Start Taking Gun Ownership Seriously

Gun safety is one of the most important aspects of gun ownership. Focus on improving your skills, education, and confidence to simultaneously improve safety. 

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