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5 Types of Banner Stands Every Small Business Needs

Custom-printed banners are amazing marketing tools that businesses of all sizes use for promotions. Small businesses, in particular, use these banners to deliver important brand-related information to their target audiences. Since these advertising tools are static, they’re considered to be “old-school” compared to modern, digital advertising tools.

However, digital marketing tools are not giving brands the type of exposure or growth they need. According to a recent study, 75% of consumers report experiencing digital fatigue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of these people spent way too much time on the Internet during the lockdowns. When they see digital ads, they “tune out.”

That’s why businesses must employ “real-life” marketing tools to complement their digital marketing efforts. Custom-printed banner standshave always helped businesses promote their brands inside stores, at tradeshows, and in other locations. What types of banners should your small business use to gain exposure? Focus on the following five –

5 Types of Banners Every Small Business Needs

Banners vary on the basis of their appearances, materials, degrees of thickness, sizes, durability, and flexibility. Ideally, your company’s banners should last long enough to be worthy of your initial investment. Here are five types of banners that help small businesses promote their brands in specific situations –

  1. Fabric Banners

As the name suggests, fabric banners are made of fabrics like polyester or satin. Printing full-colored graphics on these fabric banners is very easy. Fabric banners are also easy to store and install. Hence, small businesses that need attractive marketing tools that require little to no installation effort will love using fabric banners.

Another perk of using fabric banners is that they’re washable. You can install your fabric banner at a tradeshow, outside your store, or in any other location. Once you’re done using it, you can wash it to make it look new again! However, fabric banners are prone to weather damage, so be careful not to leave them outdoors for too long.

  1. Vinyl Banners

Since fabric banners are prone to wind, sunlight, and water damage, they’re best used indoors. For outdoor promotions, using vinyl banners makes more sense. That’s because vinyl is UV-resistant. Any graphic or marketing message printed on a vinyl banner will not fade due to sunlight damage.

Vinyl banners are also more tear-resistant than fabric banners. However, unlike fabric banners, they’re slightly harder to store and clean.

  1. Retractable Banners

Also known as “pull-up banners,” these banners come with retractable systems that allow users to install them within seconds. These banners are usually six feet tall, and they’re great at attracting attention in busy events like tradeshows.

  1. Step and Repeat Banners

If your promotional event involves taking photos or videos, you need to use step and repeat banners. Step and repeat banners essentially serve as branded backdrops for tradeshow booths, retail store walls, etc. They only feature the brand’s logo and name, so they’re great at boosting brand visibility in crowded locations.

  1. Feather Banners

Last on the list is the lightweight, cost-effective, and portable marketing tool called “feather banners.” You can custom-print short and simple marketing messages on these flags, such as “now open” or “on sale.” Then, install them outside your retail shop to attract customers!


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