How to Use Salesforce: A Guide for Businesses

Did you know the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market is expected to be worth USD 157.6 billion by 2030? This remarkable figure highlights the demand for these systems, and a high-profile industry-leading product is the Salesforce CRM.

But, you may be wondering how to use Salesforce to achieve the most effective results for your business. After all, before you implement a new system, you’ll want to be sure it will provide excellent value for money. The good news is there are numerous fantastic ways to utilize Salesforce to positively transform your company. 

Let’s dive in and learn more about how Salesforce can benefit your business.

Enhance Customer Relationships

One of the greatest benefits of Salesforce is the ability to improve your relationships with customers. Many businesses still use different systems across multiple departments to record client data. However, this increases the risk of information being lost.

This could lead to employees talking to customers without having all the relevant data at their disposal. When using Salesforce, you have a single record for each client, and all the information is attached to their file. This structure means staff can see notes regarding all the interactions the client has had with your company.

This allows you to treat clients as individuals and enhance their experience with your business. You can then massively increase customer retention rates.

Advanced Reporting 

Modern companies have access to an enormous amount of data, and they need to use it effectively to increase their profits. Being able to organize information and use it to make quick decisions is therefore essential. The Salesforce CRM provides your management team with all the data they need at all times. This ensures they can steer your business in the right direction. 

For example, it is easy to collate reports regarding customer complaints, or how many clients you have lost in a specific time period. By identifying these trends at an early stage, you can find out if there is a problem with your processes. You can then take action to fix the issue. 

The Salesforce system not only allows you to see this information at the touch of a button, but it also presents the data in easy-to-read formats. This saves you time and effort when trying to understand detailed material. 

Automate Tasks

No Salesforce guide would be complete without discussing the automation features. If your staff are spending hours performing repetitive tasks, this means they can’t get on with more profitable work. When using the Salesforce CRM, you can streamline your processes by removing boring jobs from your workers’ schedules. 

For example, your staff may be spending too much time sending follow-up emails to clients. In this scenario, you can create a workflow whereby the system will deliver these emails at predetermined times. You could also automate call logging, appointment scheduling, and call routing. 

Each automation can save you a significant amount of time over an extended period. You may also find your staff are happier as they no longer have to perform uninteresting tasks.

Improve Staff Collaboration

Hybrid working patterns are here to stay. In fact, many companies already source their employees from all around the world. But, this raises the issue of how your teams can work seamlessly together. The Salesforce CRM provides the solution to this issue. By using cloud-based software, you can allow employees to collaborate in real-time.

Staff can chat over Salesforce, and view client files simultaneously. They can then discuss how to provide your customers with incredible service in order to increase your sales revenues. However, it is important that your teams understand how to use the Salesforce features properly in order to get optimal results.

Therefore, it can be beneficial to hire professional B2B commerce consultants who can help you set up your system and train your staff. By ensuring everyone has a detailed knowledge of Salesforce, you can achieve more effective results in a shorter timeframe. 

Nurture Leads

When your employees are working hard to bring in as many new clients as possible, it can be easy to neglect the lead nurturing process. But, it’s vital to efficiently move customers through your sales process to ensure you can maximize your profits.

The Salesforce system provides a straightforward way to view and manage your prospects. This allows your staff to monitor where the customer is in your pipeline, and to take the relevant action to move them to the next stage.

Should one of your team be on vacation, a colleague can go into the system. They can then perform any necessary tasks to keep your client happy and your sales process moving smoothly.


You may only have a small number of staff when you begin using Salesforce. Rather than paying an expensive fee, you can buy licenses on a per-user basis. This can keep your costs low at the start, and you can then purchase more licenses as your business expands. 

This is an excellent payment model for scaling your CRM and your business alongside one another.

Now You Know How to Use Salesforce to Improve Your Business

When you know how to use Salesforce correctly, you could be amazed at the range of benefits the system can bring to your business.

Employees can take advantage of features that allow them to work with colleagues based all around the world, and you can also make their jobs easier by automating many tasks. Your teams can also nurture leads more effectively, and it’s easy to scale the system as your business grows. You could soon be wondering why you haven’t been using Salesforce before now!

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