Christmas decor ideas along with the right Christmas tree storage bags

Upon Christmas Eve, we all need to decorate our homes with Christmas trees and lights as well as some Christmas decorations such as mistletoe and gingerbread men. If you’re the type that loves Christmas (for those that don’t know) just as much as I do, then you probably want to keep your Christmas tree up for a good month or so after Christmas day. However, unlike Thanksgiving where many families opt for turkey leftovers sandwich on their first post-feast day, Christmas has never been that kind to me every year!

The last thing I want is to put my fresh looking Christmas tree away in its storage bag because one of these days I’m definitely going to be hitting the gym hard enough to justify keeping it up until January or even beyond if I feel like it. Christmas tree storage bags are available for purchase and can be found at Christmas tree shops or stores and online especially on Amazon and eBay.

Storing Your Christmas tree for the Next Christmas Season

Every year we put our Christmas trees away, which is actually a good thing because having fresh cut Christmas trees dry out while indoors is bad for home decor as well as your health. A great way to store your Christmas tree until the next Christmas season is by using Christmas tree storage bags that provide protection from dust, pests, mildew, rot and insects, thus extending your Christmas trees lifespan while in storage.

If you’re rather not opt for storing your Christmas tree yourself at home I recommend you go back to the Christmas tree shop where you bought it from and have them do the Christmas tree storage for you.

Christmas tree Storage Bags – 

Christmas Tree Preserver Sack If you want to store your Christmas tree yourself, here are some tips on how to properly store your Christmas trees such as: What not to use when storing Christmas trees such as animal cages, cardboard boxes and plastic bags, also why Christmas tree storage bags are much better than all of the previously mentioned items.

You can customize Christmas tree storage with Christmas ornaments that decorate your Christmas trees while in storage and lastly what to do after removing the Christmas tree from its storage bag.

Animal Cages 

Animal cages including dog cages and rabbit hutches make horrible Christmas tree preservers because humidity and water can easily penetrate the metal and wood, which is a Christmas tree’s worst nightmare! A Christmas tree storage bag provides more protection than an animal cage providing your Christmas trees with enough moisture to remain fresh while in storage.

Cardboard Boxes 

Christmas trees stored in cardboard boxes such as Christmas moving boxes and Christmas appliance boxes also receive very little protection from humidity and moisture because cardboard readily absorbs both. These Christmas tree storage bags mentioned above provide some of the best Christmas tree preserver sacks for maintaining a fully hydrated Christmas tree while in storage until you’re ready to set it up again on Christmas Eve.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are a definite no-no when it comes to storing your Christmas trees because even if you double or triple bag your Christmas tree while in storage, moisture will still penetrate the plastic eventually leading to Christmas trees becoming dry. Christmas tree storage bags provide superior protection from humidity and other environmental conditions found inside of your home while you’re away at work or on holiday for example.

Christmas Tree Storage Bags Christmas tree storage bags are manufactured using polypropylene plastic, an environmentally friendly material that is 100 percent recyclable. Christmas tree preserver sacks such as Christmas Xmas Tree Bag Porte Christmas Tree Bags and Christmas Tree Preserver Sack keep Christmas trees fresh and hydrated by providing a protective barrier against dust, pests, mildew, rot and insects during times when you cannot monitor them yourselves such as over the festive season period away from home for example.

Customize Christmas tree Storage 

The Christmas tree storage bags mentioned above and many other Christmas tree storage alternatives provide the ability to customize your Christmas trees with ornaments that you can remove beforehand, therefore keeping them on your Christmas trees while in storage.

If you’re wondering what to do after removing Christmas decorations from Christmas trees such as Christmas lights for example, simply store those Christmas decorations inside of these Christmas tree preserver sacks as well as smaller Christmas presents such as Christmas stocking stuffers!


Christmas trees stored properly over Christmas will look just as fresh and gorgeous on Christmas day itself, so if it’s time to get rid of your Christmas tree this Christmas, please do so responsibly by taking them to a Christmas recycling center.

Please also consider using Christmas storage bags instead of alternatives such as animal cages or cardboard boxes if you decide to store your Christmas trees yourselves at home. You can buy your Christmas tree storage bags from Amazon or eBay for example, which is where I got mine years ago! 


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