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7 reasons you should use a green screen

Here are 7 reasons you should use a green screen for your green screen videos:

Whether you’re shooting a green screen video for fun or as part of a business project, there are many benefits to using green screen video production.

In this article we take a look at 7 key reasons green screen has become such an essential tool in green screen videos:

1. Its green!

Obviously green screen works because green is used to key out the green screen in green screen videos. But green isn’t just green for the sake of it, green has a number of advantages over other colours:

  • It’s brighter than blue so provides better contrast with most backgrounds
  • It doesn’t reflect onto your subject like red would (red shirts anyone?)  This makes green less likely to cast colour onto your actor or presenters.

2. Puts the subject front and centre

You could shoot everything at 80 degrees (20 degrees either side of camera) but that puts your actor somewhere near the edge of your frame which means they might get lost if there are any distractions in the background or they might look squashed in if the background gets too close.

With green screen your actor can be at 0 degrees which means they are bang in the middle of your frame. This also gives you lots of options to change the background after you’ve shot, whether it’s replacing with green or doing something more creative like merging green screen video with green screen photography.

3. It reduces green spill

Remember when I said green wasn’t just green because it was pretty? Spill is also another reason for green being used in green screen background videos – green spill refers to colour that finds its way into places where it shouldn’t. While this isn’t a problem when shooting an interview or scene on green because there’s only one subject who will probably be wearing green anyway, it can become an issue when there’s more than one subject and the green screen hasn’t been lit correctly.

There are lots of green spill removal plug-ins available and some green screens come with green spill covers, but shooting on green means you don’t need to worry about spending time removing green spills from your videos because that’s not a problem you’ll have.

4. It looks good

Build a house on a poor foundation and it will topple over – nothing lasts forever, even if it looks really cool. That said, green screen is pretty damn cool so using it for green screen video productions is definitely advisable! Most people like the fact the backing used in green screen videos is green as opposed to blue or another dull colour, green is also often used as a backdrop for green screen photography.

5. it’s easy to edit green screen videos

This is another benefit of green screen video production and green screen photography: it’s all green! You can put anything you like in front of your green screen and the background just disappears – the effort required to create special effects really does pay off here. As well as being able to change backgrounds with minimal effort, green screens are perfect for adding text or graphics over the top of your video easily too.

6. It makes animation easier

If you’ve ever tried animating around a blue or green screen you’ll know there are lots of challenges that make the process difficult. By using green screen it becomes far easier to achieve green screen animation and green screen special effects like the green screen muzzle flash above.

7. it’s great for green screen video interviews

If you’re looking to film green screen interviews, green is a great colour to use – it works well with most skin tones which is why green has become such a go-to colour in green screen videos. When filming green screen interviews you don’t need to worry about making sure your friends and family remember not to wear red or blue clothing (the most common culprits when it comes to unwanted colour appearing in videos), and if they do happen to forget you can always edit the colour out later on.


There you have it: the 7 reasons green screen rocks. If you’re interested in green screening everything from your green screen videos to green screen photography then use any of the links below to find out more about how we can help – thanks for reading and feel free to get in touch if you’ve got any questions.


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