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10 Tips on Improving Packaging Designs for Small Businesses

Did you know that a lot of customers care almost as much about packaging as they do about the product? If you want to learn some tips on improving packaging designs for your business, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over packaging design ideas to try.

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1. Choose a Simple Design

With product packaging, a lot of business owners will try to do too much with their design.

You might want to go wild with the fonts, colors, and different design elements. Yet, you might end up making it look too overwhelming.

Choose a simplistic design instead. Your product should outshine everything else.

2. Add Value With the Packaging

The best product packaging will provide customers extra value.

If the 12 pack of juice can be used for storing and dispensing, you will add value to customers.

Think about how you can provide extra value with packaging. Think about your customer’s needs. Invest a little more money in the packaging.

3. Aim to Be Authentic

A common mistake people will make is going overboard with their messaging. You don’t want to come across as fake to your audience.

You need to avoid this problem and choose an authentic tone with branding. Don’t be dishonest, and let your product do the talking.

4. Spend Time Brainstorming the Font

The first thing people see on the packaging is the font. The colors and the font you choose are critical. The font will be the consumer’s first glimpse of what the packaging looks like.

Use easy-to-read fonts and bold colors. Keep it simple so people can read the information with ease.

5. Pick Up Durable Packaging

Before a consumer brings your product home, your product will need to get shipped. The product might go on a few shipping trips before arriving at the customer’s shelf.

Invest in durable packaging that will last. This way, you can ensure your product will arrive looking new. Quality packaging will protect your product.

If your customer receives a damaged product, they will end up leaving a bad review. You won’t get a repeat customer, and you might end up with a damaged reputation.

Make sure any delicate and high-end materials will get packaged securely. Make sure these items get protected while in transit.

Look at plastic and paper packaging. You can ensure the branding remains visible, but your packages get well-protected.

Delivery can be one of those stages of the customer satisfaction process that you can’t control. You’re going to have to trust the delivery partners to bring your packages to your customer.

If things go wrong, customers tend to blame the company and not the postal business. Research and find a reputable delivery company you can trust.

6. What About Shelf Impact?

Most of the time, products will sit beside similar products on a shelf.

You will need to think about the current brands and how your packaging will stand out. How will your packaging look fabulous surrounded by similar products?

Invest in packaging design testing. You can get some feedback before your product hits shelves. You’ll get an idea of what’s working and what isn’t.

7. Compare Your Competitors Packaging

Don’t copy ideas from your competitors. But you should spend time studying your competition, so you can see what they have done.

Does everyone seem to use bright and color package design? You might want to choose a milder or muted tone instead.

Think about how you can find a packaging design that will stand out from the others on the shelf instead of blending in with the others.

8. Limit Waste

A lot of people have become eco-conscious since the pandemic began. You want to think about how you can reduce your carbon footprint.

One way you can reduce waste is by limiting the amount of wasteful packaging you use.

Look at getting automated packaging machines. These machines will neatly package items. You can choose to use recyclable packaging materials.

9. What About Extensibility?

A packaging design concept should be able to introduce a new sub-brand or extension.

Do you want to create packaging for a new brand? Pick a design that features the item. But if you decide to try to launch a different flavor or product, you will need a new design.

Think about how the initial design concept can work for future designs. You’ll need to keep scrapping your current product packaging and update it all the time.

Think about future products that you would like to introduce. Create a design that can adapt to new products or extra information.

10. What About Practicality?

Practicality refers to the size, functionality, and shape of the product container.

When the product’s more practical, the sales will increase. So you want to think about packaging design and if it’s useful or a hindrance to customers.

Work With a Designer

If you need help creating new packaging designs, consider hiring a reputable designer. Work with a company like SmashBrand can help you create practical and eye-catching product packaging.

You want to wow your customers with the product and the packaging.

Start Improving Packaging Designs

We hope this guide on improving packaging designs was helpful.

You should figure out how to choose a design that will stand out from competitors. You should also choose a design that can adapt to new products.

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