The Undeniable Benefits of Owning the Best Gun Safe at Your Home

As of 2020, gun ownership rates have been increasing dramatically. This is often the case during election years, but the pandemic, and other major events, fueled high levels of buying which led to gun and ammo shortages across the country. The firearm industry has never had so little inventory.

If you are a new firearm owner, whether it’s for sport, self-defense, hunting, or all of the above, it’s crucial to understand firearm safety. One of the most important elements of safety when it comes to firearm ownership is proper storage at home.

Investing in the best gun safe that you can buy is as important as the gun itself. Not only will a safe protect your guns from damage or theft, but they will protect you and anyone living in your household as well.

Keep reading to learn all the benefits of owning the best firearm safe you can afford. 

Keep Your Family Safe

Kids are curious. Once they reach a certain age, they will want to find everything and try things out for themselves.

While this curiosity is natural in children and should be encouraged in the right environment, it can lead them to find hidden firearms that aren’t properly stored. If your guns aren’t locked up, someone could get hurt, or worse.

Your guns should be stored in a lockable safe that only you have access to. Whether it uses a key lock, a code lock, or a fingerprint lock, only experienced firearm users should be able to open the safe. 

And if you have kids at home, it also helps to have a trigger lock on each of your guns. That way, if you forget to properly lock the safe, the individual guns can’t be loaded or used thanks to an additional safety feature.

Many new gun purchases come standard with a trigger lock. If yours didn’t make sure to buy one for each firearm right away and store the keys to these locks in a secure location as well. 

Keep Inexperienced Users Away

It’s not only kids or family members that spend time in your home. If you frequently have friends or neighbors over, they too could be at risk.

For people who are new to firearms, it can be very tempting to hold and test out guns. But this is very dangerous, as inexperienced users may think they can just cock the gun and pull the trigger, pretending to shoot, only to find out that there was a spare round left in the chamber.

Don’t put anyone at risk, and don’t leave your firearms out for anyone to find. Keep all inexperienced users away from your guns. In fact, very few people should know that you even own a firearm, let alone where to find them in your home. 

Protect Firearms from Theft

As a new firearm owner, it might come as a surprise to find out that guns are one of the most frequently stolen items during home break-ins. Thieves are looking for anything valuable that can be sold.

They are also looking for anything that they aren’t allowed to purchase themselves, which includes firearms. Some criminals, after being arrested, have admitted to targeting homes where they confirmed the residents owned firearms.

Now, obviously one of the benefits of owning guns is home security. But if you aren’t home, a gun can’t protect itself. That is unless it’s stored properly in a locked safe.

Safe’s are very heavy, and they can even be mounted to the wall or floor, making them near impossible to move. If all of your guns are locked up in a quality gun safe, thieves won’t be able to access them.

This protects your firearm investments, but also keeps your local streets safe, as guns won’t fall into the wrong hands. As a result, owning a safe along with your firearms can be seen as a civic duty. 

Protect Guns from Dust and Moisture

Because guns are made primarily of metal, they are subject to rust. And because there are multiple moving parts, they are sensitive to debris and dust.

Both debris and rust can negatively affect guns performance. If you want your guns to shoot straight when you need them most, you need to keep them in good condition.

The only way to properly store a gun at home is in a quality gun safe. These will seal out all moisture, whether from leaks or humidity. And they will prevent any dust or debris from getting into the barrel or action of your gun.

Having a firearm that is ready to shoot straight is vital in a self-defense situation. But it’s also much more convenient when heading to the range or going out hunting, where you often only get one shot. 

The Best Gun Safe is Fireproof

Nobody thinks their home is going to burn down. But it happens more than a million times each year in the US.

While a good home insurance policy can reimburse you for everything you lose, some items just can’t be replaced.

If you own firearms that were passed down to you by family members, these can have incredible sentimental value. Or you might own rare or customized firearms, such as an AR-15 with upgrades such as a customized AR 15 complete upper

In these instances, they can’t really be replaced. Luckily, if you choose a fireproof gun safe, all of your guns will stay safe in the event of a home fire. So in the midst of dust and ashes after a devasting home fire, the items stored inside your fireproof gun safe will be unscathed.

Many people who get a fireproof safe will choose a model larger than they need for their guns. These double as a place to store other valuables, such as jewelry, important documents, or other heirlooms that you wouldn’t want to lose in a fire.

Fireproof safes come at different ratings. While many safes can protect your guns from direct flames, you also need a safe that can protect its contents by maintaining a low internal temperature. Always check the internal temperature rating of a fireproof safe you are planning to buy. 

A Bedside Safe Allows for Self-Protection

Large, multi-gun safes aren’t the only option when it comes to storing your guns. Many people opt for a small handgun safe, that has just enough space for a handgun, magazine, and a few rounds of ammunition.

These are ideal when it comes to a self-defense gun since you will likely need fast access in the event of a break-in. Keeping a small safe stored on or in your bedside table can provide immediate access in the night when you are most vulnerable. 

So the safe will remain locked, even if it’s in plain sight, preventing children or inexperienced users from getting hold of your gun. But it’s convenient enough for you to access at a moment’s notice.

When it comes to quick access safes, you can choose a safe that requires you to key in a quick code, or scan your fingerprints. You want it to be easy enough for you to access quickly while you are half asleep, yet not so easy that others might be able to access it without you. 

Most people keep these small handgun safes near their beds. But there are a few other locations that might be helpful as well. Anywhere that you spend a decent amount of time, such as a home office, a media room, or family room might benefit from one.

And if you don’t want your home to scream prepper, you can hide your safe inside everyday objects, such as in drawers, closets, mounted under tables, and in other hidden, yet easy to access locations. 

Prevent Your Home from Looking Tacky

There are certain items, that when stored on display for all to see, can make a home or apartment look and feel tacky. Guns are one of these items.

You might be a proud firearm owner, but keeping your guns out at home makes your house look and feel tacky. It doesn’t create a cozy, homey vibe.

A better option is to keep your guns stored in a safe, out of sight. This way, your house can actually feel like a home, instead of a gun store, workshop, or bachelor pad.

Keep Shooting and Hunting Gear Organized

Those who like to hunt or shoot for sport often have lots of gear associated with their firearms. From extra scopes and ammunition to tools, cleaning supplies, earplugs, and much more.

A large gun safe can be your one-stop storage device for most, if not all, of your shooting equipment. This keeps everything in one place, reducing your risk of losing something. When it’s time to head to the range, or out to the field for a day of hunting, you already know where all of your gear is. 

Keeping Your Assets Safe

Sure, the best gun safe isn’t going to be the cheapest one. But the benefits that they provide are worth the investment.

If you spent the money on a quality firearm, you need to consider a safe to be just as important. You need to be willing to protect your investments and assets. And a good safe is the best way to do that when it comes to firearms.

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