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A Handy Guide to Neon Sign Sizes

If you’re thinking about a new sign for your business, you must be thinking about neon. There’s no better choice for lasting value. But did you know that LED neon signs can last for 15 years?

So, why not think about custom neon signs? And, while you’re at it, why not think big? There’s a broad range of neon sign sizes to choose from.

But, you will want to know how to choose the best custom neon signs for your needs—no need to worry. So, keep reading for a guide for choosing the best neon signs for sale.

Many Shapes and Forms

LED neon signs were once considered only as a business practice. But, times have changed, and now more than ever, custom neon signs are a form of expression.

Placed well in a room at home, LED neon signs are works of art. It’s also a wonderful way to brighten up a space without using incandescent light.

Depending on the size of a neon size, it can adorn almost any wall. So, there are a few things to know for artistic purposes before ordering the right neon sign for your room.

To begin, let’s get into the factors that determine which size of custom neon signs will suit you best. The choices are more abundant than ever before.

The Basics of Neon Sign Sizes

Three important facets will help decide the best use of your wall space with LED neon signs. First, of course, is color and not only the color of the neon gas.

Neon is generally a soft light, so it’s important to create contrast with the background. For example, you wouldn’t want a blue neon sign on the same colored wall. It will disappear into the background and reduce the effect.

The size of the wall and the furniture against it have a bearing on the look of neon signs for your room. So, a good idea is to measure the width of your couch, for example. Then you can decide what size of a neon sign fits best for that accented look.

Another important measurement to take into account is the distance from viewing. Custom neon signs give viewers a real wow factor when the size of a neon sign is readable from the other side of the room.

By contrast, if LED neon signs are too large, they take over the space. So, take measurements and think about the look you’re going for. If you’re not sure how long this whole process takes, click here for more information.

Make Your Statement Pop

In a business or a home, custom neon signs can give new vigor to any room. First, match your color for contrast and make the type large enough for the space. Then, you’ll have a better perspective on choosing neon sign sizes that work for effect.

There’s a world of expression now and lots of neon signs for sale that fit many themes. But, if you want to create your own, now you know how to choose the size.

Hope you enjoyed this article, and be sure to come back for lots more helpful hints.


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