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5 Tips to Build and Grow a Hobby Website

Building a hobby website is a difficult and time-consuming process. According to Internet Live Stats, there are more than 31,000,000 bloggers in the United States alone.

With so much competition, standing out is bound to be difficult. If you’ve been struggling with website growth, here’s how you can earn more traffic to your hobby site.

1. Proper SEO Practices

First and foremost is search engine optimization, or SEO. Simply put, SEO is what helps you show up when someone uses a search engine like Google or Bing. The words they search may appear in your content, making you more likely to show up.

Proper internal and external linking, keyword usage, and content formatting are great places to start. These SEO services are key to ensuring that your website is discoverable by hobbyists.

2. Frequent Posting

Website traffic can also be quickly increased with frequent posting. A hobby website that’s updated and edited frequently has more chances of being discovered. This isn’t just because there’s more to see – search engines consider your content more relevant with frequent posting.

There can be a limit to this. Updating once an hour a day can make your website appear as spam. Still, make sure your website doesn’t go stagnant to keep it growing consistently.

3. Market Yourself 

The term “if you build it, they will come” unfortunately doesn’t apply to your hobby website. If you post a thousand times and never market it, you may struggle to ever have any sort of traffic.

To that end, make sure that you market yourself. A social media presence or posting on other hobby sites is an excellent way to make your name known. Keep a steady stream of content going and post it in other places as well to direct traffic towards your site.

4. Regularly Scheduling

Frequent posting is good, but irregular posts can be a bit frustrating. To earn and keep an audience, cement yourself as a reliable blog. This can best be done with regular scheduling.

If your viewers know that they’ll see new content, say, every Thursday, they’ll be looking forward to it all week. Keep your viewers happy and sharing your content by giving them reliable content in their favorite hobby.

5. Good, Catchy Content

The last tip is the most simple – make good content! Website creation is a good place to start. Make sure that you spend your time in website development making an aesthetically pleasing site for your viewers.

Past that, keep a relatively simple format that readers and viewers can easily interact with. Snappy, catchy headlines can get people onto your page, but good content is what makes them stay.

Building Your Hobby Website

A hobby website is a great choice for something with a relatively easy audience. When you pick your niche, you automatically have the attention of everyone else in that hobby. Do your best to give them good, regular, frequent content and you’ll earn a loyal and interested audience.

If you have more questions or need ideas to work towards increasing website traffic, be sure to check through our blog for more information.


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