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Why Your Business Needs Yearly AC Maintenance

Many business owners underestimate the value of yearly AC maintenance. However, the truth is this kind of maintenance can save you a great deal of money and hassle in the long term.

Annual AC maintenance is easy to schedule and worth the investment. Let’s talk about why.

The Basics of Cooling Your Business

Keeping a business heated and cooled properly costs money. To some degree, you’re required to maintain your temperature for legal reasons but you also want to keep your employees and customers comfortable.

There are a few ways to control your cooling costs but one of the most important things to focus on is your AC. This is a big power drain for many businesses and, by extension, one of their biggest cooling costs.

While replacing your unit with a more efficient one can be a great investment, it can understandably be cost-prohibitive for some business owners. Easier is making sure your current machine is providing the air conditioning in the most efficient way it can.

As machines break down, they start to work less efficiently. Worse still, mild damage can lead to internal issues that cause further breakdown to occur much faster. This can eventually snowball into significant energy and repair costs.

The counter to this problem is simple maintenance. By having an expert look over your machines on a regular basis, you can catch significant changes to the equipment that reduce efficiency or carry a risk of ballooning into more serious issues.

Why Yearly AC Maintenance?

Most experts recommend yearly AC maintenance for the best cost-benefit ratio on your AC repairs. It is regular enough that issues can be caught before they balloon into more serious problems but infrequent enough that you do not spend money on checkups unnecessarily. 

What’s important is finding trustworthy HVAC experts, like those at, so that you can be certain you’re receiving the care you’ve paid for. 

Regular maintenance involves the swapping out of air filters and belts, cleaning evaporator and condenser coils, and more. Technicians will also give your system a once over, checking for any significant issues and alerting you to them, so that you can make an informed decision.

Many business owners skip maintenance, thinking it saves them money. What they don’t notice is rising cooling costs or the steady degradation of their equipment.

In addition to those incremental raises in cooling costs, failing to perform maintenance likely means your machines will fail months or even years early. 

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In short, yearly AC maintenance is going to save your business money over time. It also means equipment failure can be better predicted and that you’ll have an expert’s advice on how to prepare.

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