The Iconic Volkswagen Beetle

And What Makes This One-of-a-Kind Vehicle Different from the Rest

There are many different factors that go into car shopping. Size, color, features, safety, and price are few of the many things car shoppers evaluate. However, there is a special characteristic that some drivers crave that only few cars on the market provide: iconic. 

Very few vehicles can rightfully be described as iconic, but one that undeniably fits the bill is the Volkswagen Beetle. A global staple, the Volkswagen Beetle is a car that can be driven by anyone, anywhere, at any time. Beetles can be found in any part of the world, so much so that kids in the 1960s made a game out of spotting Beetles on the road that is still played today. 

If you’re looking for iconic new cars for sale in Houston or used cars for sale anywhere else, the Volkswagen Beetle has to be one of the first vehicles on your radar. 

History of the VW Beetle

Designed to stand out in a time of mainly square car designs, the Beetle burst onto the global auto scene in the 1950s. Over 21 million Beetles were produced by the 1980s, solidifying it as one of the most popular cars of all time and beginning its icon status. 

As if sales weren’t enough, the Beetle would transcend automobile fame into pop culture lore with movie and TV appearances, the most notable being its starring role as Herbie in The Love Bug. The second highest grossing film of 1969, The Love Bug would catapult Herbie into a franchise that has released films, TV shows, and many other products based around this iconic Volkswagen silhouette.

Can You Still Buy a New Volkswagen Beetle in 2023?

In 2019, Volkswagen announced that it would be discontinuing the Volkswagen Beetle. After making a second return in 2011 with a new style, Volkswagen decided to permanently pursue other endeavors.

After almost 80 years of popularity and relevance, the Volkswagen Beetle was finally retiring to take its rightful place, next to the Porsche 911, Mini, Ford Model T, Ferrari F40, and Aston Martin DB5, among the most classic and revolutionary vehicles we have ever seen. 

Could the Beetle Make Another Return?

Although it doesn’t seem likely to happen soon, we’ve seen VW surprise us before with Beetle returns in 1997 and 2011, both of which brought new features and appreciation for the Beetle. In 1997, the Beetle incorporated a built-in flower vase and swapped the storage and engine with one another in the front and rear, making it more relevant to the American market. In 2011, the Beetle would return, to much fanfare, without the hippie appeal and more as an everyday car. 

While we’ve seen the Beetle make surprise returns before, we don’t anticipate another one anytime soon. Volkswagen discontinued the Beetle to focus on its electric vehicle offering, looking to provide the American market with the efficient and low-emission options they are looking for. Volkswagen’s all electric SUV, the ID.4, has taken its place at the forefront of the VW offering.

Named the 2021 World Car of the Year, the ID.4 is poised to catapult VW into its next generation of revolutionary vehicles. With fast charging capabilities, improved efficiency, and a beautiful touchscreen navigation, the ID.4 continues the VW legacy of superior vehicles that the Beetle created and carried into the 21st century.

Volkswagen Remains at the Forefront of the Auto Industry

The auto industry has seen multiple changes since 2020, many being attributed to the drastic changes following the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it’s safe to say that environmental protection measures and technological advancements will continue to grow in the coming years. In fact, many car manufacturers are already teasing new features and electric options that will be released with their new vehicles. 

Even though the Beetle likely won’t be part of Volkswagen’s plans to stay on top of these trends, one thing they’ve shown over the years is that they will stay at the forefront of auto design and innovation as electric vehicles take over the overall auto landscape.

Ready to Explore New Vehicles? 

If all of this talk about car shopping, innovation, and iconic vehicles has your car shopping juices flowing, it might be time for you to take that next step and start looking for your next vehicle. Not sure where to start? A simple Google search for “car dealerships near me” or “new cars for sale near me” can get you started.

Once you perform your search, use Google’s features like reviews, pricing, and proximity to select which dealership to visit and test drive your next iconic vehicle. 


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