5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

More than 23% of homeowners fix or replace their central air conditioners each year. If you own a home with an AC system, you’ll eventually need to repair or replace your system.

Air conditioners work well when homeowners maintain them and repair them as needed, but they won’t last forever. So as your system ages, you might want to learn how to tell when your system requires repairs or replacement.

What are the signs it’s time to replace your air conditioner? There are five main ones to know if you own a home, and here they are.

1. It’s More Than 10 Years Old

An air conditioner will last at least ten years in most cases, especially if you hire an HVAC company to perform routine maintenance regularly. However, a typical system loses its efficiency after a while. 

If your system is over ten years old, it might be time for air conditioner replacement. You shouldn’t base the decision on this factor alone, though. You’ll also need to consider a few other factors when deciding. 

2. You’ve Dumped a Significant Amount of Money in It

One additional factor to consider is the money you’ve spent repairing it. If you’ve dumped money into the system every year for two or three years, you might not want to invest more money in your current device. 

Instead, it might be a sign that replacing it is the better choice. 

3. It’s Broke Again

You might want to wait for the system to break again before making this big decision. If your system experiences issues that require AC repair, you might want to talk to them about replacing it. 

After all, if you dump more money into it this year, you might also spend more the next year. So, it’s helpful to consider this factor when considering home AC replacement. 

4. The Repair Bill Is Costly

If your system needs repairs, how much will they cost? Considering the repair costs is vital for deciding when to replace your system. If the repair bill is costly, it’s a good sign that now is the time to replace it.

5. You’re Spending Too Much Cooling Your Home

Another one of the top signs your AC is going out is if you’re spending too much money to cool your home. When you combine this sign with the other signs, you’ll know if you should choose home AC replace or repair services. 

As an AC system ages, its parts begin to wear out. For example, the air compressor might not work properly, leading to excessive use. The result of this is increased energy costs. 

Watch for These Top Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner 

Learning the signs, it’s time to replace your air conditioner can help you decide how to handle the problems you have with your system.

If your system is relatively new and has minor problems, repairing it might be better. If it’s old and you notice these signs, it might be time to replace it. 

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