The Best Tinder Bio’s For Guys

Tinder has quickly become the most popular way to meet someone online. It’s re-defined the entire dating game in general. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

If anything, people’s standards have become higher. For instance, Tinder allows you to swipe through 100 people a day. That means navigating through 100 different profiles.

Needless to say, this can feel like an overload on our brains. How do people choose to swipe right vs. left? Research suggests that a majority of the influence comes from the profile bio’s.

So what exactly are girls look for when they swipe right? In this article we are going to explore the best Tinder bios to use.


The most common trait that women find appealing is humour. A lot of women prefer a good sense of humour rather than attractiveness. Appearance is temporary but personality is forever.

A great way to showcase this is to make fun of yourself. This illustrates that you don’t take yourself too seriously. The initial conversation should be light. Using humour enables this.

Furthermore, a funny bio is catchy and engaging. Humour makes people feel comfortable. This allows a window into conversation.

Here are some examples of funny bio’s to use:

“I’m on Tinder to make friends the same way I’m on PornHub to see the plumber repair the sink.”

“Made dinner for two. Ate both.”

“I always keep a loaded gun on my nightstand in the event of an intruder so I can shoot myself to avoid meeting new people.”

“If you like water, you already like 72 percent of me.”

“They say “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” well I’m always down for shots.”


Often times women are intimidated to message a guy first. Girls are socialized to believe that they should never make the first move. They believe that guys will perceive this to be too forward.

Using questions opens up conversation. It gives the girl an opportunity to be the initiator. Evidently, this will make her feel more comfortable in reaching out. 

It is important to keep up with recent trends. You are more likely to get a response if you ask something that everyone is talking about. 

Here are some culturally relevant questions to put into your bio:

“Tell me your favorite breakfast food, and I’ll tell you your astrological sign.” 

“What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done in public?”

“What’s the weirdest city you’ve been drunk in in the world?”

“Have you ever run a marathon? If not, message me.”

Opportunities to Meet

The whole point of Tinder is to meet up. Initiating this in the bio can save some valuable time. Making small talk can be uninteresting and tedious. Therefore, cut straight to the chase.

This is also an opportunity to go on unique dates. It filters out people who don’t share similar interests. An experience is always worth something, even if the date doesn’t go well.

This is also a way to avoid getting turned down later. If a girl replies about a potential date, you won’t have to straight-out ask her. Therefore, you skip a step altogether.

Here are some creative ways to meet up with someone through a bio:

“Worst place you’ve ever gone on a date? I’ll take you there and you can reconsider ;)”

“I have a list of secret spots around the city. Humour me and let me take you to one.”

“Everyone I’ve met says I make the best lasagne they’ve ever tasted… but I’m sill skeptical. Come over and try it for yourself.”

Serious Intentions

Not everyone is on Tinder for casual hookups. Some people are looking for something more serious. 

Meeting a person online has now become normalized. Due to this, some guys state their intentions on their bios. This is beneficial because it attracts people who have similar goals to you.

It is helpful to state exactly what you want. This is especially true if you value commitment. Here are some examples:

“Guaranteed to treat you better than your ex ever did.”

“Love positive people, quirks, good wine, Italian food, tense movies, live music, decadence. It comes with one free dog. “

“Like Justin Bieber, I’m just looking for somebody to love.”


It’s safe to say that most girls love animals. Posting pictures of you and some furry friends is helpful. However, inputting this into your bio can seal the deal.

Being an animal-lover will show your soft side. It illustrates that you can be caring, loving, and thoughtful. These are all extremely attractive traits.

Girls appreciate good qualities, even if they aren’t looking for anything serious. Here are some animal bios to use:

“I’ll treat you almost as good as I treat my dog – and that’s saying a lot.”

“Lover of all creatures, including humans.”

“I love long walks on the beach… with my dog.”

“You can meet my dog if we make it to date 3.”

Pros + Cons List

Everyone loves lists. This is a great way to highlight the best parts of your personality. Furthermore, you can also showcase your humour.

The pros should describe the best parts about yourself. The cons should, in fact, not be cons at all. This list should show off your funny personality.

For example, your pros could be: your height, eye colour, occupation.

The cons should be a joke. You could say:

Cons: “Not being creative with my Tinder bio,” “Huge mamas boy”, “Enjoys eating microwavable meals.” 

All of these things are unique to your personality. This gives you an opportunity to show that you’re casual and fun. Girls love a guy that doesn’t take himself too seriously.


Being family-oriented is an appealing quality to have. Girls love a guy who spends time with their family. It shows that they are caring and supportive.

Guys can showcase this side of themselves through pictures. However, it can be further highlighted in their bio.

This illustrates that they are serious about cultivating meaningful relationships. Let’s look at some examples:

“The upside to dating me is that my mom cooks a killer Italian meal every Sunday.”

“My family Christmas card was missing something last year… taking applications to fill in the missing piece.”

“Don’t worry… my family is not the type to run marathons on holidays. We prefer boxed wine and dancing.”


Dating online comes with some inevitable deceit. However, girls are pretty attuned to this. Accordingly, girls are tired of guys saying what they think they want to hear.

Therefore, honesty feels refreshing. Although it’s nice to hear pretty words, this isn’t always reality. Let your Tinder bio express what your true intentions are. Also, this can be hilarious.

Here are some examples:

“If you can’t handle me at my worst… then just give up. There’s no best. Sorry.”

“Just looking for my potential ex-wife.”

“I’m the type that your mother warned you about.”

“I apologize in advance.”

Song Lyrics

This one walks a fine line between funny and cringy. The last thing you want to do is post a heartfelt song and scare girls away. However, this could yield amazing results if done properly.

The key is to not take this too seriously. Furthermore, it provides insight into what you like to listen to. You can completely tailor this to your individual personality. 

The lyrics can show that you are cheeky or confident. It can also show that you are playful and interested in something casual. 

Here are some examples:

“I don’t care what you think / As long as it’s about me.”

“If You Wanna Be My Lover, You Gotta Get With My Friends.”

“I need someone that’ll help me think of someone…besides myself”

“Put us together–how they gon’ stop both us?”


Choosing the right Tinder bio plays a huge role in whether or not you get a match. Therefore, it is important to to convey your message accordingly.

Having a creative and engaging bio is what women love. However, it should also be unique to your personality. These tips are perfect for making your profile more interesting.


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