Tall Girl, Short Guy – Can It Ever Work?

Many people have conflicting views surrounding their dating preferences. Some people claim to have a “type” that they always go for. Others say that they choose their partners based on personality.

However, height seems to be the most controversial topic. Girls are typically socialized to prefer taller men. This is what seems to be normal in media. 

Consequently, this leaves shorter guys feeling insecure. Furthermore, couples that have a tall girl and short guy may feel uncomfortable being out in public. 

These feelings are completely valid! However, it doesn’t have to stay this way. In this article we are going to explore why and how a “tall girl, short guy” combo can work.

Online Dating

Online dating has become the norm for many people. Countless dating apps have popped up over the past 10 years. 

Tinder was introduced into the market in 2012. This changed the dating game forever. Bumble and Hinge came next. 

Interestingly, online dating used to be taboo. However, now it’s pretty common for people to state that they met online. Nonetheless, this has been an interesting form of dating that people have had to navigate.

Meeting people online can lead to higher standards. For example, one can swipe up to 100 times a day on Tinder. This means navigating through numerous profiles.

This results in the ability to pick and choose the specific traits you like. Furthermore, it allows you to compare profiles. This can be quite dangerous.

Consequently, online dating has allowed people to fixate on surface-level traits. Technology has allowed people to instantly decide whether or not they want to give someone a chance.

Insecurities + Bias

People now report feeling more insecure due to the plethora of online dating options. However, it is important to keep these biases in check.

Height is something that you can’t control. Accordingly, turning someone down based on height would be the same as turning someone down due to eye colour.

Therefore, it is more beneficial to address the preconceived notions that we hold. Ask yourself why height is an issue for you.

Remember that it is okay to feel uncomfortable at first. Adjusting may take time. This is especially true if you’ve never experienced a drastic height difference within a relationship before.

Interestingly, many short guys assume that they don’t stand a chance with a taller girl. However, this shrinks the dating pool. 

Many people lose out on beautiful relationships due to something shallow. Working through insecurities and biases takes work. This is required from both parties. However, the end result could be worth it. 


On the contrary, women who date shorter men are perceived as more confident. This is especially true if they maintain proper posture.

These women don’t care what people think or say about them. They are comfortable enough within themselves.

This also illustrates other positive qualities. For instance, it shows that the woman isn’t shallow. She cares more about how she is treated than how they look as a couple. Ultimately, this shows true character.

Couples work out due to how compatible their personalities are. Evidently, it is not about how attractive people perceive them to be.

Shorter guys also exude confidence when they date a taller girl. It shows that they are not insecure about the way that they look. Furthermore, they don’t allow themselves to be intimated by height. 

Confidence is the most attractive feature someone can have. Therefore, this coupling can show a lot about the individual people.

Celebrity Couples

There are many beautiful, long-legged models in Hollywood. This results in a lot of tall girl and short guy relationships. 

Many celebrity couples that have demonstrated that height is not an issue. These couples have helped erase the stigma around height differences.

For example, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. The couple actually tied the knot in 2019. They had their first child together in July 2020. 

Evidently, height difference has never scared Joe Jonas. He dated Taylor Swift when he was a teenager. She, too, was taller than he is. 

Furthermore, he also dated Gigi Hadid. Jonas has definitely demonstrated that height is not an issue.

Gigi Hadid has also proven that she is not scared of shorter men. Her now husband, Zayn Malik, is 5’9.  Hadid is 5’10. The pair have been married since 2015.

Chrissy Teigan and John Legend have quickly become Hollywood’s favourite couple. Teigan is sassy and outspoken whilst Legend is grounded and calm. 

Although the couple have a height difference, this does not affect how well the pair complement one another. This also doesn’t stop Teigan from wearing heels at any chance she gets.

All of these couples have demonstrated true love throughout their relationship. They are living proof that height is actually just a number. 

Tips on Dating a Short Guy/Tall Girl

  1. Never, ever make jokes about their height. This is something that is already an insecurity for them. Therefore, bringing it up will only hurt their feelings. It will subsequently push them away.
  2. Highlight the positive aspects of the relationship. Remember what drew you to this person. What comforts do they provide? This will allow you to see past the differences.
  3. Work on your confidence! It’s no secret that height differences ignite feelings of insecurity. However, this is the perfect opportunity to gain confidence.

Tall Guy, Short Girl – The Perfect Combo

A tall guy coupled with a short girl seems to be the “perfect combo.” Many guys assume a taller girl wouldn’t be interested in them. Accordingly, many females feel uncomfortable dating shorter men.

There are many pros to a tall guy and short girl relationship. For example, there is no social stigma associated with it. This allows people to date without the superficial judgement linked to height.

Needless to say, this can all be overwhelming to navigate. Therefore, some people prefer to date what society has deemed “normal.”

Furthermore, the frustration that both parties feel may result in a break-up. For instance, if the couple keeps fixating on the height difference then it won’t end well. 

Focusing on this issue may make the couple feel trapped. This takes away from the positive aspects of the relationship.


There are pros and cons to every relationship. However, a tall girl with a short guy presents unique challenges.

Consequently, some couples may find it more difficult to date when there is a huge height difference. On the other hand, some couples find that there are no issues at all.

Relationships require work from both parties. Ultimately, height is just a number. Many people have illustrated that these relationships can be happy and healthy.


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