Might Guy – Everything You Need to Know

Might Guy is a high-level ninja from the popular franchise, Naruto. He is the son of Might Duy. This means that he is not from a prominent family. However, this never bothered Might Guy.

Might Guy was diligent in his training. Accordingly, he followed his father’s teachings closely. However, he often questioned the meanings. He didn’t want to blindly follow something that was devoid of meaning.

Might Guy’s Appearance

Might Guy’s appearance has stayed relatively the same throughout the years. Any changes have been minimal. 

Might Guy has a tall and athletic build. He has fair-skin and darker features. Accordingly, he has a strong nose and jawline. He also has thick hair and eyebrows.

Guy’s eyebrows have come to identify him. Naruto often refers to him as ‘Master Intense Brows.’ This is said affectionately.

Guy is always seen wearing a green jumpsuit. He usually wears leg warmers which are orange and striped.

Guy also wears a standard ‘Konoha Flak’ jacket. This is usually unzipped. Furthermore, Guy has a red forehead protector. However, he wears this around his waist like a belt. 

Might Guy’s Abilities

Might Guy is known for being nice. He is often seen doing a thumbs-up. However, this shouldn’t fool anyone. He learns how to succeed in intense battles.

Guy’s father taught him how to open the Eight Gates. This greatly enhances Guy’s abilities. Accordingly, each gate Guy opens results in an increase in various abilities.

Guy sees an increase in his physical speed, strength, and chakra levels. However, each gate results in more and more bodily damage. 

Guy eventually dies due to the opening of the Eighth Gate. This illustrates that the 8 Gates were only to be opened in order to protect something or someone valuable.

Guy endured the pain caused by the gates for long periods of time. However, he inevitably gives in to the pain they cause.

Ninja Academy

Might Guy initially failed his entrance exam into Konoha’s ‘Ninja Academy.’ Kakashi Hatake, an esteemed ninja, was not surprised by Might Guy’s failure. 

Kakashi stated that Might Guy lacked talent in ninjutsu and genjutsu. This illustrated that Might Guy may possess talents elsewhere. 

Guy demonstrated a willingness to succeed. For instance, he displayed that he had unprecedented physical skill. He was constantly training.

Ultimately, Kakashi’s father decided to admit Guy as an alternate. Consequently, Guy and Kakashi studied in the same academic year. 

Rivalry With Kakashi

Choza Akimichi lead a team that Might Guy was added to. This was upon graduation. Guy and Kakashi remained close up until this point. 

However, the team progressed to Konoha’s ‘Chunin Exams.’ They ultimately progressed to the final state. Guy made it to the one-on-one math. He lost to Kakashi. 

Guy later pronounced Kakashi as his lifelong rival. Kakashi is a natural genius. However, Guy learned all of the skills he possessed. Therefore, he was always challenging Kakashi. 

On the contrary, Kakashi was indifferent towards this. He engaged, but didn’t need the validation that Guy desired. 

Guy’s efforts eventually paid off. Kakashi would defeat Guy in the beginning. However, Guy started to catch up with Kakashi. 

The pair ended up becoming friends. This was due to them always hanging out through their various competitions. 

All Might vs. Might Guy

Might Guy vs. All Might is an infamous battle between two anime teachers. It is the season finale of ‘DEATH BATTLE.’ 

All Might is featured from the My Hero Academia series. Both characters did extremely well during the fight. They were both regarded as “inspiring” and “powerful.”

Might Guy believes he will win because he “has youth” on his side. However, All Might is the symbol of peace. Therefore, both parties believe they have an advantage.

This fight undoubtedly cemented their roles as hero’s. However, many people recognize this fight for the similarities between the two teachers.

For instance, they are both fist-fighting anime teachers. They both have the word “might” in their names. Furthermore, they both act as mentors to an underdog.

The similarities don’t stop there. Both characters were forced to retire. This was due to crippling injuries that they acquired from villains.

Shockingly, this was the first episode where the winner ended up dying. Furthermore, it was the first #1 Trending Death Battle that didn’t feature a video game character.

Eight Gates

The most notable part of the Might Guy vs. All Might battle comes at the end. Guy begins to think that he may not win the battle. 

This is because All Might charges at Guy and uses his strongest technique. Guy subsequently has no time to react. This, in turn, creates a massive crater. Guy begins to cough blood.

However, Guy preservers. He punctures his heart with his thumb. This is truly his last effort to win. He then states, “Eighth Gate of Death… open.”

Both Guy and All Might crash onto the opposite end of the crater. The Eighth Gate is now open. Night Guy then hits All Might. 

The dragon-shaped aura crashes into him next. This kills All Might instantly. This declares Might Guy as the winner. 

Consequently, Guy collapses to the ground next. He is dead from opening the Eighth Gate. Once again, this is the first time where the winner dies.

Might Guy vs. Madara

The battle between Might Guy and Madara became iconic. Initially, Guy does not do very well. He hurts his right arm and a few ribs. However, this illustrates how strong he is. 

This intense battle shocks both characters, and the entire audience. It captivates viewers for the strength in both parties.

It is obvious that Guy wouldn’t stand a chance when both characters are in their normal form. However, he has an incredible power increase from the Eighth Gate. 

Guy’s power is multiplied by 100x his normal amount. This makes the fight famous. Ultimately, Madara and Might Guy both proved their respective abilities. 


Might Guy has evolved throughout his anime lifetime. He came from humble beginnings. However, he was always confident in himself. 

Furthermore, he was extremely diligent in his training. He persevered through his training. He did so without any natural gifts.

Might Guy has ultimately become a master at his trade. He is recognized as a talented hero. There are not many characters that could have even come close to beating him. 


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