Sniffies Review 2022 – The Sniffies Gay App

This Sniffies review will introduce you to a gay dating app that has created many new ways of finding soulmates online. We have finally understood that it is entirely possible to connect with many amazing people online. The internet is a place where people from all over the world to bond. Not just as friends but also as lovers. There are hundreds or even thousands of love stories born from dating apps like Sniffies.

One of the many dating apps that we know today is Sniffies. I have decided to write an article about this dating platform because it is slightly different from most. First of all, Sniffies is created for guys who are gay, bi, or simply curious. It is free to use, easy to use, and is available on iOS and Android phones.

Upon opening the website, we can clearly see that it is created specifically for men. Overall, I can say the interface looks easy to navigate, and you know what you are getting into right away.

Our Sniffies Review – Gay Dating Apps Today

Online dating hookup is no longer taboo, just look at onlyguys. It is, in fact, a great way to meet new people that otherwise would be difficult without the help of dating apps. Especially now that gay guys are jumping on the trend as well. Dating or hooking up with non-straight men isn’t exactly easy, but now anyone can do it with a single click.

One thing that I want to mention is safety. Dating or hooking up with gay or by men used to be dangerous and complicated. Now thanks to Sniffies, they can meet new people without the risks.

Let’s talk about the inside of Sniffies. When we enter the website, we can immediately see what this website is for. The background image can’t be more obvious that Sniffies is for men. The pictures are suggestive and explicit enough. One more thing I notice is the map-based feature that Sniffies is boasting about.

The company claim that Sniffies is a modern map-based meet-up app for curious, bisexual, and gay men. So we can assume that you can find other men based on their proximities to your location. The app will match you with other guys based on everyone’s profile and location.

Signing up at Sniffies

The moment you enter Sniffies, you will be greeted by the options to use the platform anonymously or login with your account. However, you need to confirm that you are 18 plus first before you can use Sniffies. If you want to sign up so you can log in later, you can do so easily.

I can say that the signing up process is pretty much the same as other online dating platforms. So if you have used one, you can use this one too with no problem. Verify that you are 18 plus, then enter your email and password after you have created your account to log in.

After that, you will receive a confirmation email. Open it and use the activation code to activate your new account. Once everything is done, you can use your Sniffies account to find people.

Pros and cons of Sniffies


  • The UI looks fresh and easy to navigate
  • Affordable
  • Mobile friendly
  • Map feature
  • LivePlay, an interesting feature of Sniffies


  • No free trial option
  • Most active users are anonymous
  • Not many users on the platform yet
  • Mainly only used by people in the USA

Sniffies Review: Key Features

Sniffies has free and paid features available for all users. For free features, you can filter men with photos, those who were online recently, and those who are only LivePlay ready. You can also use the chat feature, which is great for talking to new people.

LivePlay is a feature where you can make video calls. The minutes are spent by the user who initiates the call. While the feature itself is still in beta, it does function well. Sniffies also mention that the feature was released in a hurry due to the pandemic. Yes, it is a paid feature, so you have to pay to use it. There are two ways to pay for LivePlay, one is by paying for minutes, and two is by paying for a subscription.

If you opt in for the premium membership, you can randomize your location, override your location, and increase or decrease your location as well. If you change your location on the map, you can see other members on that area without having to physically move. This is a great feature for men who love to travel. You can also hide yourself from the map and see who deleted their conversation with you. So basically you can do a lot more than a free member on the platform.  


  • Is there a Sniffies app? For now, Sniffies doesn’t have an app, but you can open the site from all kinds of smartphones, including ones with iOS or Android operating systems.
  • How to protect your privacy? Always be careful with what kind of information you want to share with strangers online. Don’t share information that can tell who or where you are.
  • How to block other users on Sniffies? To block a user, click on their icon or picture and click the icon that says block.
  • How to remove yourself from the map? There is an option that says Stay hidden. Turn it on, and you’ll be invisible from the map.
  • How to delete your account? Go to account settings and find the delete account option.
  • How to update your Sniffies profile? Click your profile on the upper right corner and add a photo and a headline.
  • How to delete conversations on Sniffies? You can see the option to delete your conversation in the chat list.

Conclusion of this Sniffies Review

This Sniffies review shows that it is a young dating platform for gay, bisexual, and curious men. While the features are minimalistic, this platform does what it’s promised to do. If you truly want a dating platform where non-straight guys can express themselves and find other men, Sniffies is a great platform that you can try.


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