How to Get Free Money on Gambling Sites

Why book an expensive trip to Vegas when you can create your own casino experience at home?

You’re already saving big on flights, lodging, and pricey food by switching to online casinos, leaving you more money to spend on your favorite games.

Staycations are just one way to play for less. There are even more ways to win free money at the start.

Learn how to win free money with these simple and clever tips!

Free Online Betting Promotions for New Players

The next perk about gambling sites is the great offers you receive when signing up. All top casino websites offer some free gifts for new users.

Freebies include:

  • $100 of online chips
  • Free bingo cards
  • Free avatar accessories
  • Free scratchers
  • Bonus loyalty points
  • Prize raffle entries

Since most online casinos offer sign-up bonuses, you can score several bonuses by simply signing up for gambling sites. However, you’ll want to stick with a select few to score more loyalty points. The more you play, the more you earn in rewards, regardless of how many times you win.

Start by signing up for a free welcome bonus, digital scratcher, or bingo chips.

Refer a Friend

The next option is referrals. These require you to exercise those social skills, but referrals pay off huge. Some online casinos offer as much (or even more) as your sign-up bonus.

After registering, you should find a “refer a friend” link or page. You can send an email to friends or family who may be interested in the site.

Some casino games are more social than others, which is a great way to attract referrals. Many online casinos allow players to link their social media accounts, making it easier to get referrals through Facebook gaming circles.

Be Strategic With Referrals

Think like a marketer; this little trick will get you more referrals (and freebies!)

What casino themes do your gaming friends like or dislike?

Remember, you can register with multiple sites. If you’re a serious online casino gamer, you can segment your social gaming contact list, sending referral links to appropriate leads.

Embedding referral links into an online gaming blog is another good way to draw referral traffic. Plus, keeping a blog and documenting your process builds credibility with your community. People are naturally wary of clicking on links or signing up for new sites, so it’s essential to have some authority on your side.

Join a Loyalty Points Program

Most gambling sites have loyalty clubs for high-volume users. Like Vegas casinos, players are rewarded with gifts and points after spending and earning a specific amount. Members also enter prize raffles to win electronics, vacations, and even cars.

This option is best for “power user” players who invest more time and money into their hobby. It’s also a great way to score a free vacation with your friends!

Learn How to Get Free Money Today

Discover how to get free money without spending a dime!

When surfing the web for sports betting deals, online casino bonuses, and more, remember the above tips and tricks.

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