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13 Simple Ways to Develop Online Presence

Did you know that around $900 billion more was spent on online retailers around the globe in 2020?

People are using the internet to find products and services since it’s the best way to look at all of their options.

If you are worried that people don’t know about your business, you should focus on your online presence. 

Keep reading if you want to learn about the best tips on how to develop online presence for your business! 

1. Set Goals 

One of the first steps to develop online presence is to set some goals.

Thinking about what you want to accomplish can help guide you on a process that can quickly become overwhelming. Do you want to increase sales, traffic to your website, or both? Depending on your goals, certain marketing tactics will be more effective when compared to others. 

Make sure that all of your goals are specific, measurable, and reasonable. If you can’t monitor your progress in reaching the goals, you might need to rethink your intentions. Many people recommend setting goals for increasing their number of followers and posts made each week. 

Don’t get discouraged if you fall off course and stray away from your goals. As long as you are frequently monitoring your improvement, you can make adjustments along the way. Even if you have to take small steps, they are better than staying in the same place. 

2. Identify Your Audience 

After you set your goals, the next important step is identifying your audience.

Think about all of your products and services, who do they appeal to? Write down a few notes about your ideal customer. You should consider gender, age, and socio-economic status in the community. 

For example, if you are a business selling baby items, you want to target your efforts to adults of children-bearing age. Another example would be targeting specific vendors if you don’t work directly with the community. 

Your audience will impact your marketing in many ways. Not only will it help you find the best social media platform to use, but it can also save you money. You won’t have to worry about putting money into marketing that is reaching people who won’t use your company. 

The type of content that you post should also get influenced by your audience. Posting information that they don’t support or agree with can make you lose customers. 

Focus on getting quality of customers rather than quantity. 

3. Give Yourself a Budget 

Since the COVID pandemic began, more than 70% of businesses are falling into debt.

As the cost of products and labor increases, you might find yourself hitting your budget quickly. Online marketing should be your main priority since ads can reach such a large crowd and it will lead people to your site. If you need to cut back on marketing costs, consider doing less TV or radio marketing if you aren’t seeing results. 

Work with your financial department and marketing team to create a plan that won’t cost much. A great way to advertise without spending money is by posting interesting content on social media. 

It’s best to save paid-for-ads until you have an upcoming event. This will help more people see it, but if you aren’t running sales, viewers are likely to keep scrolling. 

4. Utilize SEO Tactics 

If you want to learn how to manage your online reputation, you need to use SEO tactics. 

Search engine optimization is an effective way to increase brand awareness and help your company grow. With specific keywords, links, and images, your site can get more traffic. 

By going to, you can get help with SEO and start increasing your customer database. This is an effective use of your money because it can put you in contact with people in your community within hours. 

You should monitor the analytics of your website pages to follow trends. SEO is a great way to ensure that you are connecting with the audience and that they are interested. 

5. Create Social Media Accounts 

A major mistake that businesses make is creating a social media account for every platform.

Although this might seem like a smart idea, it often fails. Multiple social media accounts can become a lot to manage, especially when first starting. You should think about your target audience and select a platform that is best to reach them. 

As you build your accounts and become more confident, you can incorporate another platform or expand your content. 

Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are some of the most relevant platforms to use this year. Depending on your business, you might also want to consider using YouTube, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. 

6. Send Emails 

Email campaigns were the original way to advertise when the internet became popular.

Since then, they have evolved and continue to enhance business around the globe. On your website, blog, and social media pages, add a spot for visitors to enter their email. You can send emails to these people about upcoming promotions, discounts, and new products. 

To prevent people from disregarding your emails, ensure that the subject and content are interesting. If your email looks like spam, many people will delete it without even opening the message. 

Emails are a great way to teach customers about your brand and learn about the latest innovations. You can also use them for taking polls and getting feedback about your products or services. 

7. Update Your Site 

More than 40% of respondents from a survey said that unattractive websites impact their purchasing decision. 

Take some time to review your competitor’s websites. Pay attention to the features that you are drawn to and which ones could use some adjustments. Then go to your website and do the same thing, try to remain unbiased and honest. 

If your site reflects trends from 10 years ago, you might want to update your features and layout. When your site isn’t user-friendly and simple to navigate, customers are less likely to visit your page again. 

Try to avoid getting attached to ways that previously worked, but no longer do. There are much more efficient ways of showing your business online that will show the results you want. 

8. Increase Reviews 

Yelp and Google Reviews are some of the first places that people check to learn more about a company.

Increasing your online presence won’t happen if you don’t have any reviews. As you conduct business, have your customers fill out an easy form or survey by giving them a link. You can also encourage customers to leave a review and they can get a discount on a future purchase. 

The more reviews that your company has, the easier it will be for people to determine if they want to hire you. Not only that, but it also helps make your website more relevant as people want to discover more. 

Social media platforms also have rating options that provide the public with more info about your company. Ask your customers to leave responses on these outlets to increase brand awareness. 

9. Build a Blog

A major part of SEO marketing is using specific keywords that people generally search for. 

If you want to get more people on your page, building a blog can help. As long as you post relevant and engaging content, people can learn more about your products or services. The best part is that once they get to your blog, they’re only a click away from making a purchase. 

Certain keyword sites will help you find the most sought-after information. You can also find keywords by going to a search engine, typing in a few words, and seeing the suggestions that pop up. Q&A websites can also help you learn what people are confused about in your industry.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your content. You can make your posts original and use photographs to help draw in the crowd. 

10. Engage With the Online Community 

If you aren’t responding to comments and messages, you might as well delete your online accounts.

Only make online accounts if you can handle maintaining them. Constant communication and posts are necessary if you don’t want people to think that your company is unreliable. Depending on how large your company is, you might want to hire a team of staff to focus on connecting with customers. 

Since responding to messages can become time-consuming, try automating some of the responses. You can include pre-made buttons for people to select when trying to find information or connect with the right department. 

Aside from responding to messages and comments, you should be liking content from other businesses in the industry. The entire online community can see how engaging you are, which reflects on your customer service skills. 

11. Provide Outstanding Work

Have you ever been to a restaurant and wanted to try a new dish because it sounded great but tasted nothing like what you thought?

This can be a frustrating experience for customers when they are expecting one thing but getting another. It’s your responsibility to always provide outstanding work and products so that your customers are happy. 

Online marketing is useless if your business isn’t holding up to the hype. If there seems to be a gap between your marketing and results, take a step back and make adjustments. Neglecting to address this problem can damage your reputation and lead to negative reviews. 

You should also make it a habit to take feedback from customers and employees. This is a great way to learn more about your company from another perspective. 

12. Include All of the Details 

Whether you are dealing with search engines, websites, or social media, add all the details about your business. 

Your business name and contact information are essential so that people can find your business, however, this isn’t enough. Adding information about your business hours and company classification is also important. Your description should be thorough and encompass all of your services and products. 

If you don’t want to provide exact costs for projects, you can include information about requesting a quote. The more information that you provide to your audience, the more they can understand why they need your products or services. 

Another reason that these details are essential is that they influence the algorithm that helps people find your company. 

13. Use Videos to Your Advantage

The reason Youtube and TikTok are so successful is that they hold enjoyable content that they can watch for hours.

Videos are a powerful tool when you want to improve your online reputation. They can appeal to certain emotions and help people make connections with your company. Videos are also a wonderful way to teach people about your brand and why they should hire you. 

Depending on your business, you can post videos that are funny, meaningful, or informative. Always make sure that your videos have high image quality and sound. The worst thing you can do is post a video that’s blurry or difficult to hear. 

Develop Online Presence Naturally 

Learning how to develop online presence is essential if you want your business to succeed. 

Since most business is found online, you should be using it as a tool, rather than something to hold you back. Updating your website can help customers learn about your company while informing them of upcoming events. 

Don’t be afraid to do something bold with your social media posts so that you can stand out amongst the crowd. As long as you produce outstanding work, the wonderful reviews will come pouring in and your reputation will get established. 

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