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In the age of the internet and mobile apps, dating has never been much easier, at least for some people. There are simply a lot of options that anyone can use to find their soulmate. One of these options is, an internet dating website that has gained popularity in the US and the UK.

In this article, I am going to talk more about this dating website. Let’s see whether you should use this website to find your new date or not.

What is

Basically, is just another internet dating website that we have today similar to apps like Sniffies. Although, this website does have some unique features and of course, a unique interface that set it apart from the others. is also a dating website that is specifically designed for gay men in the US and the UK, making it very men-centric function-wise.

You can start using by creating a profile and set it up properly. Upload a picture that can be clearly seen by other users on the platform. And I am sure you know what to do with the rest of the way. The entire process is straightforward and if you have used other similar platforms then I am sure you will have no problem using this one.

Also, if you are worried about some kind of limitation on, you will be surprised. I don’t find any limitations such as age, gender, color, or anything else. Anyone can sign up on the website and interact with its users via chat, calling options, video call, ice breaker, compatibility tests, and verification processes.

Creating a profile on

Considering how important your profile on will be, it will be worth your time to learn more about it. Let’s start with creating your account. The process is similar to signing up to other platforms. Once that’s done, now it’s time to build your new profile.

Enter your personal information like gender, profession, name, hobbies, likes and dislikes, age, and so on. Put everything that you think is necessary and helpful to find the right person. Of course, you can omit certain information that you are not comfortable sharing with people on the internet.

After you are satisfied with your new profile, don’t forget to upload a picture of yourself. Make sure the picture has decent quality so people can easily look at it. You can get creative with your outfit or poses. It is entirely up to you, as long as you are not breaking any rules, you’ll be fine. Once you are done, now you are ready to interact with other users on the platform.

Users’ reviews of

It is important to read what other people are saying about the platform. After all, you are putting yourself at risk by using unsafe platforms. is known to be very open about its users. Anyone of all age, genders, and background are free to create a profile. This can be seen as a great thing, especially if the website has good moderation and is actively trying to keep its users safe.

From the reviews that I have observed, has been pretty positive so far. I have found many reviews of on Google and other social networking platforms as well. This proved that is a safe platform to use and is quite well known. Although, I am not sure what the moderation or verification process is really like on

But it’s not just about security after all. Let’s talk about the features of I have mentioned some of the features above, such as video call, chat, ice breaker, and so on. These features are really great, now you don’t have to feel anxious talking to a new person on the platform. These features make new interactions much easier and less awkward. So don’t be surprised if you found yourself interacting with a new person for hours on

Final thoughts is an internet dating website that is open to anyone. Although, the platform is mainly designed for gay men who are looking for a partner. If you are a bisexual, don’t be afraid to create a profile here. Other than that, the platform is safe is reliable to use.


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