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How a Dental Marketing Blog Can Help Boost Your Dental Practice: A Guide

What do all licensed dentists have in common?

They all want to own their private dental clinics! Well, while not all dentists manage to go into private practice, there’s no doubt that a vast majority want to be their own boss. As of 2020, there were over 190,000 dental practices in the United States.

Owning a dental clinic comes with a lot of perks. But it’s also not without a fair share of challenges. One of these is building a steady stream of patients.

Most dentists turn to digital marketing to solve this problem. This includes having a dental marketing blog.

If you’re wondering how a blog will give your practice a boost, you’ve come to the right place. Continue reading to learn the benefits of blogging for dentists.

Blogs Can Increase Your Dental Website’s Search Engine Ranking

Gone are the days when dental patients would drive to a mall or down a street to find a dental clinic. These days, almost everyone start the search for a dentist on the web.

As a dental practice owner, you know this. It’s why you’ve invested in a dental website for your practice, as well as a search engine optimizations strategy. Did you know a blog is a powerful tool to add to your SEO strategy?

It’s true. A dental blog can increase your dental website’s search engine ranking. Search engines like Google like companies that blog and reward their websites with high rankings on search engine result pages.

Blogs Increase Your Conversion Rate

You want the vast majority of people who visit your dental website to become paying clients. A dental blog can help you achieve this.

When you create quality dental content, people who’re looking for dental help will likely find it on search engine results. When they land on your blog, they can read it and decide to contact your dental clinic. They’re likely to initiate contact if they find that your content is helpful and authoritative.

As such, you can see how easily a dental marketing blog can increase your conversion rate.

Build Patient Trust

Most people aren’t going to visit a dentist they don’t trust. In fact, with the phobia that comes with many dental procedures, it’s important that any dentist comes across as a professional who can be trusted.

There are a number of ways to build patient trust, but blogging is one of the most effective. Quality dental content helps you showcase your competence and authoritativeness. It’s these qualities that build client trust.

If you’re wondering whether you can create content that’s capable of building patient trust, you’re not alone. After all, you’re a dentist, not a content creator. The good news is you can hire a dental marketing company to do this for you.

Check out this article to learn more about hiring the best marketing company for your dental practice.

A Dental Marketing Blog Can Elevate Your Practice

If you’re on the fence about creating a dental marketing blog, it’s time to cross over. A dental blog is a powerful marketing tool that can bring you more clients and establish you as an industry authority.

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