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7 Best Personal Finance Blogs and Websites to Check Out This Year

Personal finance is a complex topic that often takes a while to master. You need to unlearn wrong wealth perceptions and adopt new beliefs to see a change in your finances. 

Finance issues also keep changing so you must keep your eyes on personal finance trends. A great way to become savvy about finances is to be an ardent reader of personal finance blogs and websites. 

From Nerdwallet to PennyHoarder, these are the seven best personal finance blogs and websites to check out.

1. Mr. Money Moustache

Mr. Money Moustache was started by Peter Adeney, a Canadian blogger who retired at age 30. The blog teaches how to become financially independent through frugality. 

Peter Adeney’s life is a testament to his finance principles. Throughout his career life, he would spend a small percentage of his salary and invest the rest. As a result, at his retirement, he had accumulated $600,000 in savings and a paid-off house worth $200,000. 

Mr. Money Moustache is one of the best personal finance blogs if you’re not a great saver. It can also be handy if you think you don’t earn enough to become financially independent. 

Peter shares many secrets to financial freedom and how to achieve similar success. One of the most popular posts on this blog is 50 Jobs over $50,000 – Without a Degree. Peter says many people get stuck in poor pay while there are many lucrative alternatives. 

2. Penny Hoarder

Penny Hoarder attracts up to 17 million monthly readers and has a Facebook following of 6.9 m fans and counting. It was started in 2010 by entrepreneur, Kyle Taylor. Today, it’s one of the US’s most prominent personal finance blogs.

You can find any personal finance and smart spending posts on this blog. In addition, the blog covers topics including:

  • Making money
  • Budgeting
  • Taxes
  • Home buying
  • Retirement
  • Credit scores
  • Banking

Penny Hoarder can be a valuable financial knowledge resource for anyone. If you’re in a financial pinch, you can find tons of tips about side gigs, working from home and starting a business. If you don’t know how to grow your money, the investment section can be a great starting point. 

3. Good Financial Cents

Good Financial Cents is a bit like Penny Hoarder as it covers a range of personal finance topics. But, this is also one of the best personal finance websites to learn how to invest. 

It shares a lot of tips on different ways of investing. For example, you can learn about stocks, bonds, peer-to-peer lending, saving, and real estate. The blog also has a specific section to help you learn how to invest different amounts from $100 to $1,000,000. 

Good Financial Cents was found by Jeff Rose, a certified financial planner, in 2008. Jeff was one of the top 10 financial advisors in 2019 according to Investopedia. The blog has also won several Plutus Foundation Awards for the best personal finance websites. 

4. Financial Samurai

Financial Samurai pools finance tips with an emphasis on investment and career strategies. It’s the blog if you want to learn about investing, real estate, retirement, and career planning.

The founder, Sam Dogen, has 20+ years of experience in personal finance. He shares his experience with a focus on helping his fans achieve financial independence. 

This is one of the best websites if you’re looking for personal finance trends 2021. For instance, Sam reveals a review of some of his choice financial products to invest in for 2021. He also shares three weekly emails about the latest financial insights.

Sam brings a wealth of knowledge gained from his transition from 9-5 life to financial independence. He says he would save 50% of his income to invest. And despite the 2008 financial crisis eroding 35% of his fortune, he earned $80,000 in passive income by 2012.

5. Get Rich Slowly

Are you debt-ridden? Do all personal finance websites seem impractical when it comes to becoming debt-free? You can learn how to overcome debt from a man who’s been in your situation─ J.D Roth on Get Rich Slowly.

J.D Roth started this blog to share his struggles with debt and the tips he used to save himself. His blog covers money management, saving and investing, and money mindset. He also shares money generation tools, including apps, podcasts, books, and credit cards. 

Get Rich Slowly is also another reliable resource for personal finance trends. As a subscriber, you’ll receive the latest personal finance tools, articles and news. You’ll also enjoy recent posts on frugality, personal development and financial wellness topics. 

6. I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Are you still stuck despite pouring over many best personal finance blogs? Before you give up, check out I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. 

Ramit says a lot of financial expert tips are easier said than done. And that the secret to financial freedom is introducing psychology in personal finance. He shares tips to help followers master psychology to maximize amassed financial knowledge.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich also contains money-making and wealth generation tips. There are also paid and free courses about financial education. From beginner tips about starting businesses to investment insights, there’s a lot to learn from this blog. 

Dave Ramsey Personal Finance Blog

Dave Ramsey’s blog is one of the popular best personal finance blogs today. Dave Ramsey is a renowned finance personality, radio show host, businessman and author. Many people have looked towards Ramsey as a financial advisor coach for years.

Dave takes a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to financial education. He is clear and incisive on the financial tips that work and those that don’t. He’s also in-depth and covers financial education topics plus career and personal development.

This blog also includes guided financial plans to help fans through their transformation. Dave writes from experience and shares insights from personalities like Rachel Cruze, Ken Coleman and Anthony Oneal. 

What Are the Best Personal Finance Blogs?

It can be challenging to figure out what the best personal finance blogs are with so many floating around. But we got your back. Get started on your financial transformation or improve your finances with our recommendations.

Remember to choose the right digital financial advisor coach that resonates with your circumstances. For more tips on finance, check out the rest of our blog.


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