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5 Reasons Why SDS Sheets Are Essential For Your Business

According to OSHA, about 15 workers per day died on the job in 2019. If you want to limit workplace accidents and keep your workers safe, you need to use SDS sheets. SDS meaning safety data sheets are important for your workers.

Safety data sheets provide you accountability and documentation. They also keep your workers informed of the hazards that each substance they work with has.

If you are wondering what is SDS, read on to find out some basic SDS guidelines, how they work, and the five benefits of having them.

SDS Sheets Basics

Safety data sheets are comprehensive documents. They outline all of the potential hazards a particular substance has.

For instance, if your employees work with Hydrochloric Acid they should be given a safety data sheet that corresponds to this substance.

The SDS will contain all potential hazards and injuries that Hydrochloric Acid can cause. It will also include all mitigation efforts to work safely around this substance, and what to do in the case of an emergency.

1. SDS Sheets Provide Accountability

SDS sheets provide accountability for not only your employees but also your organization’s practices. If your employees are given an accurate SDS about a substance they have no excuse for injury at the hands of said substance.

2. SDS Sheets Provide Documentation

To minimize future accidents you need to document everything that happens in your workplace. 

Safety data sheets provide you the documentation you need for future analysis and safety standard implementation.

3. SDS Sheets Minimize Confusion

You will no longer have to wonder what “mystery substance” is in the big oil barrel in the back of your facility. With SDS sheets everything is listed in clear text to help minimize confusion.

4. SDS Sheets Are Easy to Make

It is easy to make safety data sheets and even easier to implement their use in your workplace. There are various online templates you can use to create them if you need some helpful guidance.

5. SDS Sheets Save Lives

The last thing you want is for your employees to get hurt or injured on the job. By providing them safety data sheets you are giving them the tools they need to be fully successful at their workplace.

This will help minimize accidents and save lives in the process. Having safety data sheets gets your employees prepared to know what to do in case of an accident. 

They help with your overall emergency readiness plan and also increase overall safety in your workplace.

A well-informed employee is a safe employee and by using safety data sheets in your facility your employees will be informed and safe.

Focus On Safety

You owe it to your employees to provide them a safe workplace free from unnecessary dangers. No matter what your business does, chances are your employees work around some hazardous substances.

Implement a safety program incorporating SDS sheets today so that your employees can know how to act around dangerous substances.

That way you can minimize workplace accidents and deaths. For all of your other related news and info check back with our site!


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