5 Facts About Certified Hereford Beef

Did you know that Americans consume more than 80 pounds per capita? This gives the US the world’s second-highest beef consumption in the world! 

Beef has a rich flavor and is an incredibly versatile meat, which easily explains its popularity. Sometimes, beef can get a bad rap for being unhealthy, but this is only true with low-quality meat products. High-quality beef like certified Hereford beef can be very healthy and a great source of protein.  

If you want to learn more about this special kind of meat and where to find it, read on!

1. You Are What You Eat

This phrase works both for humans and for cattle. The reason Hereford beef is so quality is because the cattle that provide it are grass-fed beef cattle! Organic grass-fed beef is healthier for you and tastes better. 

Grass-fed ground beef is higher in vitamins and antioxidants, as compared to standard grain-fed beef. In addition, it has a higher level of omega-3 fatty acids, contributing to the rich taste. The grass diet of these cattle makes them healthier and happier, and you can taste the difference. 

Whether you buy it in stores or you order grass-fed beef delivery, you know you’re getting the best-fed meat on the market. 

2. Hereford Tastes Better 

It’s a misconception that all beef tastes the same. In blind taste tests conducted by Colorado State University scientists, Hereford ranked higher in taste, juiciness, and tenderness. In every category that matters, Hereford beef has been proven to be better tasting. 

3. Big Beef Lineage

Hereford cattle can be traced back to their ancient origins in Rome and Wales. They’ve been consistently bred for maximum beef yield and feeding efficiency. Some Hereford cows have reached up to 3,900 lbs! 

Most animals don’t weigh quite that much anymore, but these cattle still provide some of the biggest beef on the market. This means they’re efficient to raise. In addition, they are all some of the most efficient animals when it comes to feeding. 

4. Available Across America

The American Hereford Association certifies farms and ranches for producing raising quality cattle and producing quality meat. Certified Hereford Beef is a brand sourced from this group of farmers and ranchers. In addition, the National Junior Hereford Association, a group of almost 4,000 members, allows everyone under 22 to learn how to raise and to show cattle! 

Whenever you see food merchandise with the Certified Hereford Beef trademark on the meat case dividers, you know you’re getting a quality food product from a certified farm.  

5. Good Looking Cattle

Herefords are some great-looking animals. They’re usually darker yellow or red colors and have a white face and white socks. They also have a thick, short pair of horns that frame their face with a soft curve. 

While their ancestors reached over 3,000 lbs, modern Herefords reach about 1,200-1,800 on average and are a more muscular breed. 

Try Certified Hereford Beef for Yourself

Whether your a meat connoisseur or just want to try some of the juiciest beef on the market, give certified Hereford beef a try today. No matter how you prepare it, you’re sure to enjoy this delicious beef. It’s guaranteed to be healthier, juicier, and of better quality. 

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