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How to Start an Online Clothing Store With No Money

Is there anything better than buying the latest fashions from the comfort of your home? How about making a name for yourself in a $672 billion industry!

It’s never been easier and more lucrative to start an online clothing store. And in this guide, we’ll show you how…even if you’re starting with nothing.

Keep reading to find out how to start an online clothing store with no money!

Pick a Niche

Though fashion eCommerce is in a great place, breaking into the industry can prove challenging without the right strategy. Specifically, you’ll have to do something to set yourself apart from the thousands of other online clothing brands.

Make no mistake, branding is tougher than it sounds.

Start by thinking about your company values. Today’s customers are willing to show loyalty, but only if their views align with those of their favorite brands.

Build a Website That’s up to the Task

Suffice to say, you’re going to need a fantastic website to support your clothing brand. What qualifies as a good website, though?

We can distill good web design into two key elements: speed and clarity.

Customers will expect your website to load in a matter of nanoseconds. If you make visitors wait any longer than that, you’re going to lose revenue.

Your website also has to be simple. A customer should be able to visit your site and understand your brand values, your top items, and your site navigation in a matter of seconds.

These principles need to be present throughout your entire site, too, including the cart checkout. Cart abandonment is a huge issue and minimizing the number of pages a customer has to go through to complete a purchase or allowing customers to check out as a guest can prove extremely beneficial.

Hire a Great Support Staff

Now that you’re almost ready for your launch, it’s time to get the final pieces in place. But make no mistake, these pieces — that is to say, your staff — are integral to success. Without the right team, it’s almost impossible to start an online business that lasts.

After all, you’re going to have a ton on your plate. You won’t always have time to keep your digital inventory up to date or answer customer questions.

Your staff needs proper training on customer service protocols and should have a robust understanding of your web store.

Moreover, it’s your job to keep them motivated and happy. There are plenty of ways to do this, from proper compensation to fun rewards through a company swag store, which you can book a demo for. These company stores are also a great way to onboard employees, so it’s certainly worth consideration.

How to Start an Online Clothing Store With No Money: Your Guide to Success

It might sound impossible at first, but with a well-executed business strategy, a quality website (don’t forget you can use platforms like WordPress or Squarespace to get started), and a staff dedicated to improving the customer experience, you’re sure to make a splash in the industry!

So now that you know how to start an online clothing store with no money, what’s stopping you? It’s time to build the store of your dreams!

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