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5 Factors to Consider When Hiring Tax Professionals

It’s hard to find anyone that enjoys filling out taxes. It takes up a lot of time, and most people don’t understand tax law at all. Even though you can do it yourself, it’s a pain to get done at times.

That’s why 44% of Americans are concerned that the tax code is too complex.

That’s why finding the right tax professionals is critical to getting your taxes done right. Consider the five factors below when looking for help with tax preparation.

1. Look for the Right Qualifications

You can’t just decide to help people with taxes on a whim. There’s a strict set of criteria tax professionals need to meet if they want to serve customers.

For many people, that means getting a PTIN. This number gets provided by the government when you complete your professional tax certification. If a tax preparer doesn’t give you their PTIN, look for someone else to help.

2. Check for Specialities

There is more to tax law than filing a single form for many people. If you work on the side or run a business, you’ll have more complex tax requirements.

Tax groups like offer a more specialized tax experience. Examine your tax needs when starting your search to find a company that can give you the service you need.

3. Learn About the Preparation Time

Some tax preparers take on too many clients at once. Tax season gets hectic, so there is a lot of business to go around.

Unfortunately, that means your tax return may take a backseat to other clients. If you’re in a hurry to turn in your taxes and get your refund, you can’t afford for this to happen. Ask for an estimated turnaround time on your tax return to ensure you get it back on time.

4. Ask About Availability

For most people, you only need to speak with your tax company once per year. However, that won’t always be the case.

Some people experience unexpected audits from the government. If you don’t want to go through this alone, it pays to work with the person that prepared your taxes. Check with your tax preparer about their availability to see if they are willing to help in these situations outside of tax season.

5. Customer Reviews

It takes both financial and people skills to be an outstanding tax professional. Unfortunately, some companies have the right financial skills for the job but lack on the professional front.

You can learn more about how well someone does on both fronts by looking at past customer reviews. Past customers will tell you more about the bad tax professionals to help you avoid hiring a problematic tax professional.

Start Your Search for Experienced Tax Professionals Today

There are many tax options out there for finding help with taxes. However, that doesn’t mean that every tax professional can meet your needs and handle your taxes right. If you want to make filing taxes easier, find tax professionals who have the skills to handle your taxes with ease.

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