How to Find Your Sexual Confidence

Did you know that the average American who’s cohabitating with a partner only has sex around 7-8 times per month? If you fall into this category, it’s easy to lose your sexual confidence between rounds.

If you’re a man who’s worried that he isn’t performing well enough in the bedroom, you’re in luck. There are ways that you can become more confident and, well, cocky. Read on to learn some of the ways that you can make yourself feel better about your sexual prowess and ensure that both you and those you’re pleasing have a great time.

Masturbate Frequently

While there’s still some annoying social stigma around masturbation, it’s actually a completely normal pastime. Everyone beats it every once in a while, and why wouldn’t they? It feels amazing.

Masturbation also has lots of health benefits. It can decrease stress, boost your immune system, reduce the risk of mental illness, and release hormones that make you feel happy and at ease.

It can also make you feel more confident in the bedroom. Whacking one out helps you to figure out where you like to be touched and how. It also helps you to last longer and become harder in addition to making you more in touch with your fantasies.

Try Out New Toys

Whether you’re flying solo or showering a partner with some physical pleasure, there are tons of new toys that you can try out.

Get yourself a restraint and see how it goes- you can tie one hand to the headboard even if you’re masturbating alone. If this doesn’t sound like something you’d like, a vibrating cock ring or butt plug will do wonders in helping you cum.

The bottom line is that you should stay open-minded and adventurous. Just make sure that you invest in body-safe toys. While shoving a cucumber where the sun don’t shine is a classic, it’s really not very good for your bits.

See How Long You Can Last

Every man cares about how hard they can get and how long they can stay that way. Honestly, size really doesn’t matter to the woman or man you’re doing the deed with. It’s about how you use it and how well you last in bed.

You can do edging exercises on your own to train your body to hold in your orgasm. This is not only great practice for lasting longer but it also feels amazing. Edging magnifies the intensity of your orgasm when it finally does come.

Just make sure that you buy premature ejaculation wipes for your efforts. Edging’s rough at first, and it can lead to some accidents if you aren’t used to the sensation. Don’t feel bad- just clean it up and try again next time.

Read About Good Sex Online

Not everyone likes the same things in bed, but you can totally look online and see where people of your preferred sex usually like to be touched. There are sensitive parts that are the same on pretty much everyone’s body. A partner’s clit or nipple is perfect, as is the frenulum of a dick.

Browse Reddit forums for people who talk about the best sex they’ve ever had. Look for patterns in these stories. While you 100% need to ask a partner before trying anything, you’ll get a feel for what people commonly enjoy in bed.

You can also take online quizzes on what kind of sexual partner you are- they’re not just for women! You’ll learn how you roll and can become confident in your sexual identity as a result.

Communicate With Sexual Partners

Whether you’re in a committed relationship or are rolling out of a new person’s bed each morning, communication is a prerequisite to sex. Not only do you need to establish consent- the most important part of sex- but you need to agree on what you’re both comfortable with.

Talking to partners is a good way to feel more confident about what you’re doing. You can rest assured that you’re only trying things that they’re… bound… to like. You don’t need to worry about accidentally crossing a line and getting shot down.

You can also talk to partners after sex to see what they liked. If you’re in a relationship with the person you’re doing it with, open and honest communication can help you be confident about your moves next time.

One-night stands probably will be willing to chat about it, too, and they might provide you with some brutal honesty (if you’re craving that). They also might praise you so you can feel like you’re doing pretty awesome in the sack.

Keep an Open Mind

The real key to sexual confidence is keeping an open mind and being willing to adapt to new situations. If you feel like you can do that, your partner/s are always going to be super happy with the way that you perform.

People like to feel comfortable communicating with you about what they liked so you can do it again. They also are 100% certain to tell you if they weren’t into something so you can stop doing that. The bottom line is that you need to know what you’re doing with the specific person that you’re having sex with.

Boost Your Sexual Confidence Today

Now that you know how you can increase your sexual confidence before your next roll in the hay, it’s time to get cracking. Check out the ‘other guy stuff’ tab on our home page for more ideas on how you can become better in bed.

Here, you’ll also learn some lifestyle tips that will help you become more confident both in the bedroom and outside it, so what are you waiting for? Take the matter in hand and start browsing ASAP… no pun intended.


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