Are Prerolls Worth Paying For?

In 2020, the number of people purchasing prerolls increased by a whopping 50%. If there’s anything we know about the average customer, it’s that convenience outweighs most other considerations, and CBD and cannabis consumers are no exception.

The question is, how can shop owners incorporate prerolls into their business model? Should you purchase prerolls or try to roll them up yourself? Is one option more cost-effective than the other?

When we’re talking about whether or not prerolls are worth the money, we need to take a look at the most cost-effective preroll purchasing method: automation.

Read on as we discuss the value of purchasing your own preroll machine to fulfill your need for a steady inventory of prerolls.

What Is a Preroll?

First, let’s talk briefly about what a preroll is. Whether we’re talking about a cannabis preroll or a CBD preroll, the concept remains the same. A preroll is a joint that is ready to purchase and smoke, saving the buyer several steps.

You might be thinking, how are preroll joints lucrative for my shop? Is it really worth any investment, especially if it could mean fewer customers purchasing additional items like rolling papers or filters?

The answer is that you can charge more per gram when you’re selling prerolls. Plus, many of your customers may not have the skillset needed to roll a clean, even joint. Others may not want to purchase cannabis or CBD flower by the gram and selling prerolls can increase sales by appealing to a new customer base.

How Can a Preroll Machine Benefit Your Shop?

So, how do you introduce prerolls to your shop inventory? After all, people who purchase prerolls still want to access the variety of strains that your shop offers. That rules out buying one or two types of prerolls in bulk–and this may not be cost-effective, anyway.

The answer is to purchase a pre roll machine. Automating your prerolling system ensures uniformity and quality with every joint. Plus, you can make as many or as few prerolls using a specific strain, customizing your preroll batches to what sells best in your shop.

At the end of the day, purchasing a preroll machine is the most cost-effective solution to the preroll demand. You pay the price of the machine and gain access to an unending supply of prerolls, which makes for a much higher ROI than buying prerolls from another shop or company. 

Get Automated and Save Money on Prerolls

If you’ve been considering adding prerolls to your shop inventory but have worried about the cost, automation is the answer. Not only does automation ensure uniformity, quality, and speed but it also allows you to test out different strains to see what sells.

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