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How Shiftsmart Helps People Find Work in the Pandemic

While the economic upheaval caused by COVID-19 is leaving millions jobless, Shiftsmart is doing its part in making it less complicated for people to find work. Designed to connect businesses and employers to freelancers and entrepreneurs, countless people are already using the innovative platform to boost their income. Let’s take a look at how Shiftsmart is helping people find work today.

Remote Opportunities

Working from home can be a fantastic way to increase your revenue. If you’re a parent and have to take care of your kids, working remotely makes everything easier. 

It ensures you can organize your professional and personal matters in a way that works for you and your family. 

Furthermore, working from home allows you to reduce expenses and maximize productivity significantly. With no need to commute to and from the office every day, your cost of living can decrease substantially. As a result, you’ll find that working remotely gives you the flexibility you need to re-start your career, even amidst the pandemic.

With both remote and on-site work available, you can find the best shifts and projects to nurture your talents and optimize your income. 

Skill Building

When you use your existing skills to pick up extra shifts or operate as a freelancer, you can generate more income. It can also expand your skillset, which gives you even more opportunities to boost your revenue. With the chance to learn new skills and develop your talents via a user-friendly app such as Shiftsmart, you can increase your employability and further your career. 

Fast Payments 

The pandemic has caused a lot of financial issues for people. If your income has been disrupted due to COVID-19, you can get back on track by working as a freelancer or micro-entrepreneur. 

With payments being completed in just days, there’s no need to wait weeks or months for your income to re-start. 

Real-Time Accessibility

With real-time updates and custom dashboards, finding work has never been easier. Whether you have a few hours to fill or you want to plan your schedule weeks in advance, you can keep track of the demand for your skills and access real-time job updates in seconds. 

As businesses modify their operations in response to the pandemic, labor needs can change in an instant. By getting real-time notifications when suitable shifts become available, you can apply for shifts you’re interested in as soon as possible. 

Boost Your Income with Flexible Work

As the world begins to adjust to a new normal, flexible working patterns are more important than ever. And when you use the latest platforms like Shiftsmart, you can work in a way that suits you, supplement your income, and perhaps even kick-start your career. 


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