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Guy Fieri – Net Worth + Bio

Guy Fieri is an American restauranteur, author, and television personality. He has an astonishing net worth of $25 million. 

Guy Fieri was born on January 22nd, 1968. He is currently 52 years old. Guy Fieri married his wife, Lori Fieri, in 1995.

How Guy Fieri Built His Net Worth

Guy Fieri is the epitome of a self-made millionaire. He came from a working class family. However, he became passionate about food at a young age. 

Fieri spent all of his allowance on a Bavarian pretzel when he was 10. This ultimately changed his life. It ignited a passion for everything food-related. 

Evidently, Fieiri had a business mindset from the beginning. It is apparent that he never limited himself to one career path. This has been evidenced over the past 20+ years.

Fieri opened his first restaurant in 1996. This came after years of working in the industry. Fieri possessed a natural talent. This contributed to his overall success.

Shockingly, Fieri has opened over 60 restaurants over the course of his career. Some of these have closed down. However, at least 17 restaurants remain open to date. 

Fieri has always been business-oriented. Although food was his first passion, Fieri built his wealth in multiple ways. 

Fieri began his television career in 2006. Evidently, Fieri did well in the entertainment industry. He has become a household name over the years. 

Fieri has hosted over 27 television series. This is more than anyone else on The Food Network. Furthermore, he has come to be the face of this network.

He has also made guest appearances on numerous other series. Fieiri is a relatable character. This is because he interacts with regular people. Fans can’t get enough of him.

Fieri has been a part of many advertising campaigns. For instance, he promoted Flowmaster in California. He was also the spokesperson for T.G.I. Friday’s.

Fieri regularly takes part in food shows across the United States. He also co-authors many cookbooks. There is at least 6 of that are available to purchase.

Guy Fieri’s Wife + Children

Fieri met his wife, Lori, when he was still managing a restaurant. The couple married in 1995. Lori states that Fieri was a lot different when she met him.

For instance, Fieri maintained his natural hair colour and dressed well. However, Fieri’s style has become wild over the years. Nevertheless, she has grown to appreciate his unpredictability. 

Fieri knew that it was “love at first sight” when he met Lori. This love has never diminshed. The pair have two children together. Their names are Hunter and Ryder.

Fieri continues to spend quality time with his wife and kids. They often travel with one another. Needless to say, they are a close-knit family.

Guy Fieri’s Personal Life

Guy Fieri grew up in a rural county in California. He was raised in a typical Italian, middle-class family. However, Fieri was always ambitious. 

Fieri became passionate about food on a family trip. The entire family went to Lake Tahoe. Fieri subsequently began selling pretzels out of a cart when he was still in middle school. 

Evidently, he was extremely successful in this. Fieri also washed dishes at a local restaurant. The young boy saved all of his profits. He then used them to finance a trip to France. 

This illustrates his high motivation from a young age. Shockingly, Fieri was only in high school at the time. It was then that he did a semester abroad. This fueled his passion for food even more.

Most Famous Guy Fieri Quotes

Fans know Fieri for his eccentric looks and personality. He has created a lot of catchphrases over the years. Here are some of his best quotes:

“I don’t know if it’s fair to call their Russian dressing Russian dressing — it should be called something sexy, like liquid Moscow.”

“If it tastes really good and it’s funky, it’s funkalicious.”

“That’s the definition of stupid in Flavourtown. Stupid in a good way.”

“You know what, it might just be a mound of oil-logged Pillsbury crescent dough, but it’s bomb-dot-com tasty, amigo.”

“I could put this on a flip-flop and it would taste good.”

Career Beginnings

Fieri always knew that he was destined to work in the food industry. He began working at a restaurant right after high school. 

Fieri attended college soon after. He attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He graduated in 1990. Fieri moved back to California to work.

Fieri subsequently became the manager of Parker’s Lighthouse. This was a restaurant in Long Beach. 

Evidently, Fieri possessed real talent. He moved up the ranks quickly. After three years in southern California he became a district manager. This was a for a restaurant called Louise’s Trattoria. He was managing six locations at the time. 

However, Fieri’s main goal was always to open his own restaurant. His dream came true at the end of 1996. 

Career Highlights

Fieri opened Johnny Garlic’s with his business partner, Steve Gruber. This is a Californian pasta grill. They subsequently opened three more over the next 8 years. 

Fieri’s businesses goals were multi-faceted. Fieri and his business partner opened Tex Wasabi’s in 2003. This is a barbecue and sushi concept restaurant. 

This restaurant was also hugely successful. They then added a second location in 2007. 

Fieri only basks in his successes for a short amount of time before he moves onto future business ventures. He opened another Johnny Garlic’s in 2011. 

Fieri opened his first New York restaurant in 2012. It is called Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar. However, The New York Times gave it scathing reviews

This article is the most widely read review in the newspapers history. However, Fieri believed that the article’s author, Pete Wells, was using the piece to further his own career.

Fieri partnered with Carnival Cruise in 2011. He thus created Guy’s Burger Joint onboard the cruise ships. There were 19 of these restaurants as of 2017. Needless to say, they have all done very well. 

Fieri opened a self-named restaurant in Vegas. It is called Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen and Bar. It was opened in 2014. He opened the next one in Baltimore in 2015. 

Fieri’s most recent restaurant venture opened in 2018. This was a partnership with the founder of Planet Hollywood, Robert Earl. The pair collaborated on a fast-food chicken shop. 

This shop is called Chicken Guy! You can find it at ‘Disney Springs’ in Walt Disney World. This fast-food restaurant has been very successful at this location. 

Venture Into Television 

Guy Fieri became a contestant on The Food Network. This was for the second season of The Next Food Network Star. He was offered a six-episode mini-series. 

Fieri’s show was entitled Guy’s Big Bite. The first episode aired in 2006. Again, the show was only meant to run for 6 episodes. However, it was successful right away.

The series currently has 13 seasons. The last episode aired in December of 2016. This show helped set the tone for Fieri as a television presenter and host.

Fieri’s outlandish style and wild personality made him a perfect fit for television. Fans were amused by his remarks. People couldn’t get enough.

Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is Fieri’s second television series. It premiered in April of 2007. This came only a year after his original series.

This series follows Fieri as he travels around the United States. He stops to eat in local restaurants. He then provides commentary on the various types of food that he tries. 

Fieri became a co-host for the show Ultimate Recipe Showdown in 2008. This was a cooking game show based around a theme. The series ran for 3 seasons. 

Guy Off The Hook was Fieri’s next television series. It debuted in 2008. The show was discontinued due to low ratings. However, Fieri hosted specials under the same name. 

Fieri has appeared on numerous other cooking shows throughout his career. This goes beyond all of his hosting gigs. 

For instance, he has made guest appearances on different game shows. Needless to say, television has kept Fieri extremely busy. 

Guy’s Family Road Trip is his latest series. The Food Network chose it as its lead show. It premiered in 2017. 

Closing Thoughts

Guy Fieri has definitely made a name for himself in the food industry. Furthermore, his various television stints have made him a household name. 

Fieri is personable and in everyones hometowns. This makes him popular among everyday Americans. His net worth is reflective of this. 

Fieri has showed high motivation throughout his life. He started working when he was just a child. Furthermore, he has dedicated his life to cultivating successful businesses.

Fieri is a testament to how hard work can pay off. There is no doubt that Fieri’s net worth will continue to increase. Fieri shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.


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