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5 Ways Stock Photography Can Help Your Marketing Strategy

Did you know that the right image can improve memory recall by 65%? If you want your brand to be noticed and remembered, then images are key. But do you know how to get great images while sticking to a budget?

The answer lies in stock images. Read on as we provide five ways in which stock photography can help your next marketing campaign. 

A High-Quality Finish

Photography stock images are taken by professionals. They may do this to raise their profile or to get recurring income. In such a competitive field, they need to be on their game, putting out only the best, high-quality images they can. 

This means you are getting professional pictures at a fraction of the cost. They are taken with high-quality equipment and an experienced eye. As the field is so competitive, you find these great images in every niche from interiors, to landscapes and product shots. 

Many people who publish stock will also work in other roles as freelance photographers or for companies. This means they are at the cutting edge of technology and current trends. You may find they have the newest equipment, such as drone pictures and underwater snaps. 

Finally, the high-quality finish is always backed up by the technical aspects. Many pictures are available in a number of resolutions, all the way up to 8k. Prices will increase the higher the resolution of the image you buy, so you can have the clearest, crispest images you desire. 

They Cost Less

Good photography does not normally come cheap. In fact, costs can spiral to a lot more than just hiring a photographer. You can often end up paying for a studio, models, lighting and equipment rental, and even expenses. 

On top of this, you will end up paying for whole shoots and only a fraction of those images will be used for your marketing campaign. That is a lot of money for only a small return on investment. 

Stock photography sites cut out the need for this. Their photographers have already gone to this expense and all you need to purchase is the image itself. 

Some individual pictures may seem expensive, and these are usually the in-demand ones. However, when the cost of five or six of these is compared to the price of a full shoot, then the savings are plain to see. 

Even those on a budget can benefit by using free stock photography. Many sites have free stock images that can be used at no cost. 

They Have a Range of Licenses

Stock images come with a range of licenses, covering everything you would need them images for. Very often, the stricter the license, the more the image will cost. This is often because of its high quality or the fact that it is in demand. 

In any license, make sure you check the fine print. Many of them have stipulations that they can not be used for certain niches, such as gambling or adult content. You are also not allowed to sell a stock image as your own creation. 


The first license to be aware of is a royalty-free license. You will pay a flat fee once, and you can use the image as many times as you like. It is the most flexible and low-cost of the licenses. 

Rights Managed

Rights managed are extremely similar. However, you can only use the image for a specified amount of time. This may change to include other factors, such as print run units, using it in a geographical location, or certain industries. 

This will typically be used in advertising campaigns. For example, you may pay to use the image in a magazine advert for six months. 

Extended License

An extended license will add fees depending upon how far and wide you want to use the image. For example, it may have certain license costs for use in media, or for commercial products. 

They Save Time

All the costs we previously listed don’t just cut into your budget, they also cut into your time. Most of these things will have to be arranged by you. You will need to find photographers, book studios, and set up the rest of the program. 

At the most, finding stock photography will take you a few hours. Set your budget, and have in mind the type of images you need.

You can then start searching on the web through multiple stock photography sites. All you need is your payment method, and with a few clicks, the image will be downloaded, along with its license, to your desktop. 

Range of Choice

With so many genres, added to the huge range of photographers out there, you have an amazing choice. You can opt for particular styles, such as vintage-looking shots or futuristic images. You may go for a particular type of pictures, such as landscapes or modeling shots. 

This is also added to the wide range of sites you can get pictures from. Very often they have thousands of pictures, each with different licenses and pricing. 

In contrast, getting your own image taken may limit you. You may have to choose from a smaller pool of photographers. The ones you do choose may have their own style, which you have to adhere to. 

Choice lets you curate your own image selection. You can theme the pictures, creating a cohesive marketing product at a fraction of the cost. 

Finding Stock Photography

Now you know the benefits of stock photography, you can include it in your next campaign. Not only will it allow you to stick to a much lower budget, but you can also really make your campaign individual and effective. 

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