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5 Tips for Successful TikTok Marketing

Tiktok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms as seen when it cracked the 2 billion downloads mark in 2020. The user base trends young with better than half of all US accounts in the 30 and under crowd. This surge in popularity with a highly desirable market segment makes it an obvious choice for marketing.

Of course, knowing that platform makes it ideal for marketing and actually executing marketing on the platform are very different animals. If you’re looking to transition into TikTok marketing, how should you go about it?

Keep reading for five tips that will help you get your TikTok marketing strategy and tactics into shape.

1. Watch the Trends

Trends play a role on most social media platforms, but they’re a main driver on TikTok. Sometimes, it’s a prank or challenge. Other times, it’s something that no one saw coming. 

Consider the explosion of sea shanty recordings on the site.

Watch for trends that you can jump on that relate to your brand or service.

2. Be Fast

The traditional wisdom in marketing is that you need collateral with a professional patina. While that holds true for most platforms, it’s not the case on TikTok. You can get away with videos that look a little rough around the edges.

After all, most people shoot their videos on their phones. In short, you can film the video fast and still get TikTok likes.

3. Niche Yourself

Social media marketing holds true across platforms in some ways. If you’re asking how to grow on TikTok, the ironic answer is that you must find a niche. Like other social media giants, the platform simply covers too much ground for a scattershot approach.

You must find the niche that applies best to your business and work that niche hard.

4. Deploy Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best ways that you can attract attention to your TikTok advertisements and other videos. In fact, they’re one of the primary ways that people find new content on the platform.

Consistently deliver entertaining content with the same set of hashtags, you’ll attract followers who like that content and spread the word.

5. Stay Authentic

Audiences respond when things feel authentic. If your brand is brash and loud, make videos that follow suit. If your brand takes a low-key approach, your videos should as well.

This will prove easier for you to maintain over time since it plays to your natural voice of the brand.

TikTok Marketing and Your Business

TikTok marketing doesn’t operate in the way that most businesses expect that it should. The platform lives on trends that can come and go in the space of a day.

That means you need a breakneck pace of production. You can’t plan every video for weeks in advance. You must often plan, record, and release within a 24-hour period.

For businesses, that means leaning into your brand voice and staying authentic while co-opting trends.

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