5 Steps For Starting a Podcast

There are over 2,000,000 podcasts out there in the world.

Podcast popularity has exploded in the last couple of years, and listeners can not get enough. They are always on the lookout for their next favorite podcast, and perhaps that could be yours?

If you are thinking about starting a podcast, read on to learn what you need to do to get it live. We will walk you through the steps so that your podcast can be on the airways in no time at all.

1. Pick Your Topic

First of all, you need to know what you want to talk about. You can’t just open up a mic and babble at it for an hour. A podcast requires planning.

Think about your theme. What do you have a passion for, and what interests you? Are you a gamer, woodworker, musician, or murder enthusiast?

Wherever your passion lies is a great place to start your podcast. People will usually search for podcasts by category, so you will want to find listeners interested in the same topics as you.

Use a mindmap to plan out some topics on paper and choose one to start building into your podcast idea.

2. Plan Your Format

Once you have your theme, it is time to start looking at what format you want to use for your show. There are lots of different styles to choose from.

You could be a solo podcaster who specializes in long-form essay-style podcasts. Or you could invite guests and start an interview-style format podcast where you talk to interesting people about their lives and relationship to your theme.

If you want to work with someone else, you could also do a conversational podcast or even a panel talk show. There are lots of options.

Once you have your format, plan how a standard episode will look, from the intro to guests to sponsors. You need a show format mapped out that will become your template for future shows. 

3. Create Your Artwork And Music

Now that your podcast idea is fully formed, you can start the creative process. You will need some artwork to use as a thumbnail for your show on the broadcast sites. Think of something that represents your show and catches the eye of the potential listener.

You will also need a short jingle at the start and end of your show. You may need to record some music or ask a professional to make the music for you. Music is essential in the audio medium, like a podcast show, so it is best not to skimp on this part of the project.

4. Record Your Podcast

Time to record! Use your show plan and write a script for you to follow when recording your podcast show. Your podcast production needs to sound as professional as possible, so make sure you have proper recording equipment.

You could also approach a podcast production agency to help you record the audio that you need. They can also help with promotion and help you build your audience and potential Patreon subscribers.

5. Publish!

Once you have everything recorded, it is time to publish. Choose the best channels to output your podcast and find some quality podcast hosting. You can also host your podcast yourself on your website.

Your podcast is live! Start promoting your podcast on social media and wait to see how the audience reacts.

Starting A Podcast Can Be Easy

Hopefully, this short guide has given you some ideas for starting a podcast. If you have something to say, it has never been a better time to get your message out into the world, so start your podcast today.

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