5 Firearm Safety Rules You Need to Follow

Did you know 30% of Americans report owning at least one firearm?

Gun ownership is a right that we hold dear in the United States. Whether for sport, recreation, or self-defense, owning and operating firearms is part of the American way.

However, certain responsibilities come with owning a gun. You should take the time to familiarize yourself with a few firearm safety rules.

Read on for our top five gun safety tips you need to know.

1. Every Gun Is Always Loaded

You should treat all guns as if they are loaded.

Even if you know your gun is empty, you should behave as though it is live. This will help you practice general gun safety and eliminate the possibility of a negligent discharge.

Although this rule may seem like common sense, you would be surprised at how many accidents are caused each year by the mistreatment of ‘unloaded’ firearms.

To learn how to carry a gun safely, you can attend gun safety courses.

2. Only Aim With Intent

Never point a firearm at something you don’t intend to destroy.

You may think you know how to use a gun safely. However, you should still respect the power of your firearm.

Never point your gun at another person for any reason – unless you intend to engage them. The same goes for any animals or property.

3. Check Your Backstop

When taking a shot, you must ensure that you have a safe backstop.

This means you should always be aware of everything in your line of fire. Only fire your gun with a safe, solid backstop which you don’t mind hitting if you miss.

Never fire a gun with a skyline behind your target. Stray bullets kill.

4. Secure Your Guns

It is essential that you secure your weapons.

Irresponsible gun storage costs lives. Hiding your gun is not enough. Research shows that 75% of children who live in households with firearms know where they are kept.

Use a gun safe and never share the combination. Your stored guns should be unloaded, and the ammunition kept separately. 

5. Practice Safe Handling

You should familiarize yourself with how to carry a gun safely. Always use your gun’s safety features as specified.

Practice your draw at a firing range. Investing in a quality holster can cut the risk of negligent discharges, so check out Alien Gear Holsters to find one that’s right for you.

When using your gun, be calm, sensible, and controlled. Practice and education will help you handle weapons safely.

Everyday Firearm Safety Rules

So, those are the top five firearm safety rules that everyone should know.

By learning how to carry a gun with respect, you can help reduce the number of accidental shootings that occur each year. Our gun safety tips provide the basis for better firearms handling.

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