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5 Recycle Hacks For Your Home Kitchen

The kitchen is the main part of the house that creates the most waste every day. The more you cook, the more waste you are going to produce. Not to mention all the mess that can make your kitchen looks filthy.

To help you with that, I have five recycle hacks for your home kitchen. These recycle hacks can help you reduce your waste and even save money in the long run. Without further ado, here are the hacks that you have been waiting for.

Recycling bins

Obviously, we are going to start the list with the good-old recycling bins. Recycling bins are affordable, flexible, lightweight, and can be used for almost anything that comes out of your kitchen. You can also own multiple recycling bins for your kitchen alone for easier access and waste management.

The best kind of recycling bin is the in-cupboard kitchen recycle bins. Because these bins are invisible until the moment you need them. They can be hidden in your cupboard, so they won’t bother you while you are working. This way you can save up more space and still have decent size recycling bins that you need.

Replace your kitchen rolls

I know that ripping off a few sheets of kitchen rolls can be very convenient. Especially if you are using your kitchen a lot. But kitchen rolls are not only expensive, but also bad for the environment. Think about all the trees needed to produce these kitchen rolls. The solution is easy, you can use bamboo kitchen roll sheets that are washable. Or, you can use old clothes that you don’t need anymore.

Glass jars

Glass jars are awesome! They can be used to store many things from spices to candies. Another great thing about glass jars is that you can buy them in bulk for much cheaper than normal individual prices. Glass jars are often well-made, they won’t break easily even if you drop them from certain heights. And the clear glass really makes it easier to organize your stuff, and it looks fantastic in the kitchen.

You can also add stickers or labels to make organizing stuff even easier. Some jars can fit on a blender too. Fill the jar with whatever you want blended and screw the blade right on the jar. This is much better as the jar can be used immediately for drinking or eating. And cleaning it is much easier, too.

Also, do you know that small jars can be used to peel garlic? Put some garlic in a small jar, close the lid, then shake the jar as hard as possible a few times. The possibilities are endless, if you have extra money, you can get really fancy and buy more expensive jars that look great in your kitchen.

Plastic bottles

Speaking of recycling, we can ignore plastic bottles. You must be already aware by now that your kitchen produces a lot of plastic waste throughout the year. Almost everything comes in plastic packaging, including plastic bottles.

Now, you can do something to reuse these plastic bottles. For example, you can turn milk jugs into a watering can for you and your kids, or even a scoop for pet food. There is also this neat trick of using the top half of a plastic bottle to seal plastic bags (for snacks). You can also turn plastic containers into planters for your plants (indoors, outdoors, and hanging).  The only thing stopping you here is your imagination.

Alternative materials for scrubby plastic sponge

Do you know that the average dish scrubby contains as many bacteria as, if not more, than a toilet seat? Experts in microbiology also suggest throwing them every two weeks. But what about the waste? Not to mention, it can get expensive in the long run.

Fortunately, you can use alternative materials, such as coconut husk fibers, cotton, biodegradable washing sponges, and simple loofah, which can be used to clean dishes. You can find them from many places at cheap prices.


Recycling kitchen wastes can be really fun and exciting as long as you have the right tool and know-how. Reducing kitchen waste can teach a valuable lesson for everyone in the house. Don’t be afraid of being creative, it is time to put your skills to use!


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