5 Gun Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Did you know that 30% of Americans own a firearm?

Whether you own a gun for self-defense, sport, or recreation, owning a firearm is a right and a hobby we can all enjoy. However, to practice safe and effective shooting, it is crucial you maintain your weapon properly.

It pays to familiarize yourself with the correct cleaning and maintenance procedures if you own a firearm. A clean gun is a safe gun – and our guide tells you everything you need to know.

Read on for 5 essential gun maintenance tips.

1. Read the Manual

The last thing you feel like doing when you make a new purchase is sitting down and going through a dull instruction manual.

However, failing to read the instructions can result in serious consequences when you buy a gun.

Not only will your owner’s handbook explain how to arm and disarm the weapon correctly, but it will also include instructions on how to keep it in excellent operating condition. If your gun is second-hand, check the internet for the relevant manuals.

2. Clear Your Weapon

One of the most serious errors a gun owner can make is failing to clear their weapon before cleaning.

It should go without saying that trying to clean a loaded gun is very dangerous. Remove the magazine and double-check that there are no bullets left in the chamber.

You should always practice safe handling techniques before picking up any weapon, for maintenance or otherwise.

3. Use the Right Stuff

A gun is a precision instrument that requires specialized maintenance.

Some gun owners think it acceptable to use normal household chemicals to clean and lubricate their guns. Don’t do this.

Because firearms must withstand extreme heat, pressure, and stress, they require high-performance cleaning solutions for optimal function.

4. Clean Thoroughly

You should be systematic and thorough when cleaning your gun.

After stripping your gun, use a solvent-soaked toothbrush to remove any chunks of debris. Debris and grime can cause failures and misfires. Be sure to properly lubricate all moving gun parts and double-check everything is spotless before re-assembly.

The external parts of your firearm need maintenance too. Wipe down your firearm to keep it in the best condition possible.

5. Don’t Forget Attachments

Everybody knows that gun maintenance is important, but do you take the same time and care cleaning your attachments?

You should, because there’s no point in using dirty, worn attachments on a clean weapon. By being thorough with your attachment cleaning regime, you will have an optimal weapon system that works in full harmony.

When choosing a scope mount or under rail, look for something streamlined and easy to maintain.

Gun Maintenance Tips For You

So those are our top 5 gun maintenance tips. 

By following our helpful guide, your weapon will operate at the optimal level intended by the manufacturer. Remember: a clean gun is a safe gun.

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