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10 Online Freelance Jobs in Growing Demand

According to Upwork and Freelancers Union, 53% of Gen Z are working as freelancers, and this is the highest independent workforce participation in 2014.  In total, there are around 56 million people in the US who work as freelancers.

That is an amazing number of people who decided to be freelancers. And it doesn’t stop there, the number of freelancers is projected to grow, considering that working from home is more and more feasible and even ideal for a lot of people.

If you’re planning to become a freelancer, then you need to know what is the best job or career path that you can take. I have a list of 10 freelance jobs that are currently in high demand and you can use it to help you choose your next step.

1. Designer

Everyone needs a good design for personal use, brand awareness, marketing, and many more. That’s exactly the reason why designers are never out of jobs. Not only that, but there are dozens of software available that designers can use to create their unique designs.

It’s not uncommon for experienced designers to get offered more jobs than they can handle, even to the point that they have to give up some offers.

2. Marketing

If you haven’t noticed already, the internet is a huge marketing place. Also, with the popularity of social media, marketing is now more robust than ever. In marketing, freelancers are usually referred to as marketing professionals, consultants, and strategists.

3. Photographer

Sharing and taking pictures have always been a lucrative job for some people. And thanks to social media and many digital newspaper outlets, photographers are now more important than before.

Photographers’ jobs are in a way more rewarding since they can now easily share their pictures with the world. The right tools and knowledge of digital distribution are the key to success photographers.

4. Public relation

Again, with social media platforms, many businesses just can’t stay away from them. Social media can make or break many businesses and individuals. PR is a diverse field that covers brand awareness, brand activation, media relations, product launches, press conferences, and many more. Understanding the market and community and being great at storytelling are skills that you must possess.

5. Developer

Programming is probably the most popular field for freelancers at the moment and will stay like this for many years to come. Every individual, business, or organization needs a strong online presence to be able to compete. Even small local businesses now have a website and can be found on online marketplaces. Some popular specialties are back-end developers, full-stack, scripting, graphic interfaces, architecture building.

6. Writer

Writers have always been free; they can work from anywhere. And because of the nature of the profession, the transition to becoming a freelance writer is as easy as it gets. The difference is that, now writers have more options to choose what to write and for whom do they write.

Obviously, you need good grammar skills and other specialized skills like copywriting, SEO, SEM, and many more.

5. Translator

Global corporations are the biggest clients for freelance translators. Many big businesses want to connect to and be accepted by their audience overseas. Expanding to a new market in a new country is difficult and the language barrier is a big problem. This is where translators come in and offer their services to anyone who needs it. If you speak two languages, you can already work as a translator. Of course, even better if you speak more than two languages to diversify your services.

6. SEO professional

Similar to writers, SEO professionals write articles in a way that drives engagement or hits on the internet. SEO skills are more specialized and come with a long list of technical skills, that you should learn.

7. Accountant

Businesses or even individuals need an accountant. Sometimes they don’t hire a full-time accountant, since they only hire them when they need someone to take care of their finances. Also, other freelancers might also need someone to help them with their bookkeeping, further increases the potential clients for accountants.

To make sure that everything goes smoothly, good communication is always necessary, as well as great knowledge of Excel and tax laws.

8. Video editor

Have ever wondering how there are so many videos uploaded on YouTube alone? Well, because there are many video editors available for hire on the internet. As a video editor, you’re responsible for transforming raw video footage from your clients to a full video that people enjoy.

There are countless types of videos that you can make for your clients. And to help you with that, there are some essential pieces of software that you need to master such as Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Lightworks, and many more.

9. Web designer

Designing websites is a fun and lucrative job for many freelancers. Being a web designer means that you must be creative and proficient at creating the layout, feel, look, and features of websites.

You must also follow the web design trends like UX, eCommerce, mobile design, typography, and other interesting features to stay ahead of your competitors.

10. Video game programmer

Indie games are very popular nowadays, thanks to the popularity of mobile platforms. New video games are always in development and you’re missing out if you don’t start now.

Individuals and indie game companies love to work with freelancers to help them create their video games. You need to know how to code and programming video games for mobiles, programmers, or video game consoles.

Set a goal and work hard

If you see a career of your choice on the list, maybe it’s time for you to start your move. Just like with any other job, you must commit and work hard if you want to achieve success. Keep honing your skills and stay motivated.


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