What is a Weed Hangover and How Canadians Survive One

Every Canadian must know what a hangover is – mainly from drinking too much alcohol the day before. But do you know what a weed hangover is also a thing? Despite there are some debates on the internet and in Canada about its validity, a weed hangover is real and could happen to anyone.

But keep in mind that weed hangovers aren’t really the same as alcohol hangovers. If you are planning to try marijuana sometime in the future, I suggest you learn more about weed hangovers and how to survive one.

Weed hangovers and how are they different from alcohol hangovers

I have mentioned above that weed hangovers are a bit different from alcohol hangovers. There are some differences that set the two apart. The biggest difference is that weed hangovers are more tolerable than alcohol ones. 

That being said, there is really no need to compare the two. Because not only we don’t know much about weed hangovers yet, there are plenty of factors that could make your weed hangover different from the ones that other people have experienced.

First of all, while we know a lot about alcohol hangovers, we don’t know much about weed ones. We still need more recent and long-term studies about this topic. The one study that we can use about the existence of weed hangovers was done back in 1985, and it showed that a hangover effect from using weed might exist.

Second, there are so many weed or cannabis products on the market in Canada. Canadians have plenty of options from potencies, types of products, flavors, shapes and sizes, and more. The way you consume weed can have a huge impact on its effects, including the severity of the hangover.

Last but not least is our own bodies. The effects of weed differ from person to person – one person could have lower tolerance levels than the other. You might have issues when drinking alcohol but not when using weed, and vice versa.

Common symptoms

Here are some common symptoms of weed hangovers:

  • Lethargy
  • Brain dog
  • Dry eyes and mouth
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue

You may have noticed that some of these symptoms also exist in alcohol hangovers. If you have had alcohol hangovers before, then you should have a general idea of how to survive one.

How to survive a weed hangover

As explained above, a weed hangover may not be as severe as an alcohol one. So you can rest easy and just focus on how to make the experience less annoying. That being said, chances are the weed hangover is going to go away on its own. 

Staying hydrated is the best thing you can do to survive a weed hangover. There is no worse feeling than being dehydrated while suffering from a weed hangover. Staying hydrated is so important that you should do that even before you use weed. So before, during, and after you use weed, always make sure you are hydrated. Taking a shower immediately after you wake up will go well with staying hydrated as well. Make sure you feel refreshed and hydrated in the morning after smoking weed.

Hydration is Key

Drinking a cup of ginger tea or coffee could help a lot for some people. Depending on your preference, either drink could make you feel a lot better in no time. This is especially useful if you are feeling nausea and/or need a boost in focus.

Eating healthy meals could also help alleviate the symptoms, especially for breakfast. So once you wake up in the morning, prepare a healthy, balanced breakfast and eat well. You can try a small serving of whole-grain foods with a lean source of healthy fat and protein.

Last but not least, you can try CBD in the morning if you’re getting a hangover. CBD may counteract the symptoms of a weed hangover and make you feel better. Just make sure that the CBD product doesn’t contain any THC.

There is also one more thing you can do to prevent a bad weed hangover. I am talking about smoking weed no more than you can handle. If you are feeling a bad weed hangover, then promise yourself that you’re going to smoke less weed next time. If you can’t tolerate weed, don’t force yourself to smoke too much of it.


I think at this point we can say that weed hangovers are real and all Canadians who smoke weed should be aware of them. Much like alcohol hangovers, you can always make yourself feel better in the morning. Or better yet, prevent yourself from having a bad weed hangover by not smoking too much weed.


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