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What is a Business Lawyer? A Guide For Any Entrepreneur

Did you know American businesses spend 166 percent more on legal services than global counterparts? A business attorney will help you navigate difficult contracts and handle employee discrimination cases.

In this guide, you’ll get the answer to your question, “What is a business lawyer?” You’ll learn about the different scenarios when you might need to hire a business attorney.

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You Need Peace of Mind

For most business owners, owning a new business will feel, at times, stressful and exciting. There are many different parts to launching or maintaining a business.

A business attorney with experience will provide you with peace of mind. You can delegate the legal aspects of your job. Focus on the different tasks you can complete. Leave the legal issues with your lawyer.

You Want to Incorporate Your Company

Choosing to incorporate your business is a wise decision for a business owner.

You could pick from a few different structures. Some prefer a limited liability partnership (LLP) or a limited liability company (LLC). Others choose a C-corporation.

Incorporating your business will often provide your company with protection. Work with an experienced business attorney who will help you pick the correct entity.

Your lawyer can discuss the pros and cons of each structure. Learn about possible tax benefits, employee rights, and personal liability protection, among other things.

You Need Help With Paperwork

Business owners will hire a business lawyer to help them navigate tricky contracts. You might want help with a contract that has non-compete provisions. An experienced lawyer will help you with this contract.

Your business attorney will review the documents with you. They will also tailor them and edit them to serve your best interests.

The legal professional will take the time to go over your business plan. They might suggest you get extra paperwork like permits or licenses.

You Want to Grow Your Business

Businesses often experience bursts of growth in several ways.

You might get a new acquisition deal or a merger. Business attorneys help you review another company’s financial documents.

You don’t want to rush into this process and make a costly mistake that costs you your company.

Entrepreneurs know there are different regulations and laws governing their business. The rules can change at any time. An attorney will help you understand these changes and how it affects your business.

You Need Help With a Dispute or a Breached Contract

Are you dealing with a dispute? You might have a breached contract on your hands.

Hire a business attorney if your client isn’t paying you the right amount. Also, a worker who shares company secrets needs to get dealt with the right way.

Your lawyer will negotiate and work on behalf of your business. You might file a lawsuit, but they will help you through this process.

Work-Related Issues

A lot of well-meaning business owners will deal with harassment or discrimination issues. Some owners will deal with a slip-and-fall accident or other workplace safety problems.

Don’t try to handle these workplace issues alone. You can hire a business lawyer. Your lawyer will teach you about best practices and the applicable laws.

You’ll learn what to do if a problem arises. If you need to go to trial, they will represent you.

Lowering Risks

New and established businesses benefit from working with a business attorney. Make sure, as a business, you remain compliant with regulations in your industry.

You also might need help with business advice regarding specific compliance issues. Your lawyer will help you create a system to monitor and lower risks.

You can prevent honest and expensive mistakes by working with a reputable business lawyer. A business lawyer will update different items so you can remain compliant.

Trivial and straightforward mistakes can often cost business owners thousands of dollars. If you’re unsure about anything business-related, consult with an experienced lawyer.

Dealing With Real Estate Problems?

Sometimes, a business owner will lease the space before buying a permanent location.

If you rent your property, you might deal with a nasty landlord. You could hire a business lawyer to help you navigate this situation. Also, a business lawyer can help to negotiate a sale or lease.

What About Court?

In certain situations, you might need to go to court. This is only going to happen if it’s necessary. Business attorneys will represent you if you need to go to court. Yet, most of the time, you can find a solution beforehand.

When you choose to work with an experienced lawyer, they will help you through this process.

What’s the Cost?

Some business lawyers will provide a flexible fee. You could get forecasted budgeting, where the lawyer has an idea of how long the issue will take. The budget will set aside many hours at a discounted rate.

Some lawyers will choose a hybrid fee. This will combine contingency fees and hourly fees. You’ll have an understanding of what work will get completed.

What Is a Business Lawyer?

Now that this guide answered your question, “What is a business lawyer?”, determine if you need one. Hire an attorney in your area if you need help with a discrimination complaint or workplace safety problem.

If you incorporate your business, hire an attorney to help you navigate the next steps.

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