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What Exactly Does a Recruitment Agency Do?

Are you looking to recruit more staff? Are you curious to know how a recruiting agency works and may be able to help?

Hiring new employees can be a long and stressful task. On average 250 people apply for a corporate job. That’s a lot of resumes to read and screen before you even get to the interview stage.

So, how can you make this easier? The answer is to take up the services of a recruitment agency.

In this article, we’ll outline why you should include an agency in your hiring strategy. We’ll cover all the benefits, including, how they could save you money.

Read on for more information.

How Do Recruitment Agencies Work?

Recruitment agencies handle the hiring process on behalf of their clients. When you contact an agency, they’ll discuss with you in detail about your business and the type of people you’re looking for. They’ll then put together a job advertisement on their website and social media accounts etc, to find potential candidates.

Next, people interested in the role will submit a resume to the agency. Or, if they’ve signed up with the agency, they will be contacted if they’re a suitable match.

The agency can then screen all resumes and shortlist potential candidates for interview. The interview process can include the employer if they wish to attend.

Finally, the company decides whether they want to hire someone or whether the job advert should be posted again.

Agencies Can Handle Contracts and Salaries

If the position is temporary, then the agency can take care of the paperwork. They also handle employment taxes, social security and, payroll.

This can be a huge help to the company especially if you don’t have the time to process it internally.

But, if the employee is hired by the company into a permanent position, then they take over these duties. So, it’s important to understand what resources you have on hand before hiring.

What Fees Do Staffing Agencies Charge?

Fees can vary from one recruitment agency to another depending on the type of employee you’re looking for.

If you are searching for temporary staff, then the agency will likely charge a markup on the salary. For example, if the employee will be paid $10 p/h, they may charge a 50% markup. This means you will pay $15p/h to the agency.

But, if you’re looking for permanent staff, the agency may charge a flat monthly fee or, take a commission of the salary. So, if the salary is $30,000, they may charge 5% once the candidate is hired.

It may seem expensive at first but, posting job advertisements can be costly. Plus, you don’t have to hire permanent staff to carry out the process.

So, we think if you want the best employees, you should definitely consider using a recruitment agency.

Alternative Hiring Strategy

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article and now know how recruitment agencies work.

We think that using the services of an agency can really boost your hiring strategy. The traditional hiring process can be lengthy but, agencies can speed things up.

Finally, check out the business section of our blog for more useful tips.


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