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What Does a CPA Do? The Responsibilities Explained

Ever wondered “what does a CPA do?” Or how their services can help you out? Whether private or commercial, CPAs take on lots of roles. 

CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant, and their main claim-to-fame is tax preparation and bookkeeping. But, what do they do outside of tax season? 

Though being a CPA sounds like a typical office job, there are many responsibilities that make every day different. Here, check out different ways CPAs can help you with your personal or business finances. 

Tax Preparation

CPAs are chiefly known for their role in filing taxes. They prepare and file tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service. This ensures everyone is paying their taxes or determining whether they get a refund from the federal government. 

When choosing your CPA, you want to ensure they’re someone you trust with your money. This especially true for CPA tax return preparation services. 

Financial Planning

Most Certified Public Accountants are also certified, financial planners. Meaning they can walk you through your finances and ensure you’re putting your money where it works. 

Using a CPA as a financial advisor is a major plus when it comes to your finances. Instead of sourcing your financial merit out to several different people, all of your information is in one place. When your CPA helps you plan your other finances, you benefit from a holistic approach.

Growing your relationship with a CPA also helps them to understand your situation and goals. When they help with your finances and not just your taxes, you’re set up for a more rewarding experience. 

Business Planning

When starting a business, hiring a CPA is one of the top priorities. You want to ensure that you have a solid tax advisor and someone who can help keep your money in order.

When your CPA knows your business’s mission and has an idea of the finances, they can also help you in hiring choices. As advisors, they’ll help you budget for new roles or guide you to boundaries in your business. 

Private Planning

CPAs are not just for businesses! They are also helpful for personal finances as well. Whether you have out-of-state taxes to file or want some help with making a big purchase, CPAs are trained with the knowledge you need.

When asking yourself “What does a CPA do and how can they help me?” think about your financial goals. Certified Public Accountants want to make sure you’re investing in things that use your money wisely. 

Litigation Services

In a financial pickle? CPAs can also provide detailed analyses to determine exactly where your money goes. This can help in legal situations like: 

  • Divorce settlements 
  • Business disputes
  • Bankruptcy cases

When you and your CPA work in a partnership, they will give you the support you deserve. 

So, What Does a CPA Do?

After asking, “What does a CPA do,” these are just a sampling of the tasks that Certified Public Accountants do every day. 

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