What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Layouts That Exist Today?

Did you know that more than half of the households in the United States of America plan on doing a bathroom renovation project or some other type of home renovation? One of the most enjoyable parts of being a smart homeowner is picking out the bathroom layouts that you like best for your home’s bathroom.

There are tons of exciting and beautiful bathroom styles that you can choose from and build with the help of a construction firm. Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start when you’re looking at all of the different types of bathrooms.

The good news is that you’re not in this alone. You’ve come to the perfect place to learn about the different bathroom layouts and to get tips that will make choosing the perfect one a breeze. Keep reading to learn more.

What Makes Up a Bathroom Layout?

There are a number of things that come together to create a bathroom layout in your home. The most common ones that people tend to think of are the toilet, the sink, and a bathtub or shower. It is a challenge to decide on all of the bathroom components that you want in your bathroom and then find a way to fit them all in the room in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

A big part of this is knowing the different bathroom layouts and the things that they accommodate. A full bathroom has a shower, a bathtub, a sink, and a toilet. A half bathroom has only a sink and a toilet. Any bathroom that has three of these essential components is considered a three-quarter bathroom.

There are other important components that you need to think about when designing your bathroom layout as well. A smart homeowner will want to have a bathroom mirror and a place to hang towels. It is also a great idea to get cabinets or shelves for storing essential toiletries.

If possible, try to have your bathroom on the northern side of your home. This will allow it to make the most of the natural lighting so that you don’t need as much light in your bathroom when you use it. This is key to a bathroom renovation project.

Full Bathroom

The most convenient and luxurious type of bathroom is the full bathroom. Some full bathrooms are center layouts while others are side layouts. A side layout full bathroom works by installing all of the four components for the bathroom on the same wall, which is a great help to streamline your process.

A full bathroom that is equipped with a center layout is quite different. It involves the use of two walls to house these full bathroom components. It works by having the toilet and the sink on one wall together and having the shower and the bathtub on another wall together.

What sets a center full bathroom apart from a side layout is that there is a middle area where you can stand. It has more open space and you’ll have no issues accessing each component with ease. It is the most convenient layout there is.

Three-Quarter Bathroom

Another great option when it comes to bathroom layouts is the three-quarter bathroom layout. This bathroom layout has three of the four main bathroom components. It is normal for this type of bathroom to also include a decent amount of storage for things like towels and extra toiletries.

There might even be enough room in a three-quarter bathroom to include some shelving to add more convenience and storage space. Even with all of that, this type of bathroom layout is often much smaller than a full bathroom. It tends to include a vanity, a toilet, and a shower.

Half Bathroom

Half bathrooms don’t provide two of the main bathroom components but they’re still great to have in your home and you should include them in your bathroom renovation project if possible. These bathrooms are often referred to as utility bathrooms. They’re equipped with a sink or a vanity along with a toilet.

There are a number of different layouts that you can choose from with you decide to renovate your home’s half bathroom. You could have the sink and the toilet both on the same wall or you could split them up. It all comes down to what looks best to you and what provides the most convenience for your household.

Quarter Bathroom

Quarter bathrooms are the most spartan of all bathroom layouts. They only include one of the four main bathroom components. That component is often either a small shower or a toilet.

These are a nice addition if you have a basement in your home and want to provide guests with a way to manage their personal hygiene without interfering or intruding on life in the other portions of the home.

Master Bathroom

The most exciting bathroom layout to consider when it comes to bathroom styles is the master bathroom. This type of bathroom is great because it tends to get equipped with all of the bells and whistles. It could include luxury items like a Whirlpool tub or even a sauna.

It is also common for the master bathroom to have double vanities so that each spouse has access to their own sink and portion of the bathroom mirror. Linen storage is also a common feature of a master bathroom as is a toilet that is walled off for additional privacy.

These bathroom styles are designed to provide the most comfort and relaxation possible while also giving you the privacy that you deserve.

Choose From These Exciting Bathroom Layouts for Your Bathroom Renovation Project

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to the right bathroom layouts for your next remodeling project. You’ll need to decide if you want a center layout or a side layout for your home’s full bathrooms and you’ll also want to consider including a remodel for your half bathrooms. You also shouldn’t forget to treat yourself by adding bells and whistles to the master bathroom.

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