What Are Casino Bonuses? How You Can Earn Money Through Gambling

A roll of the dice can change your life. Casinos made more than $4.4 billion in January 2022. If you can rake in just .1% of this money, you could be set forever.

But this statistic accounts for just a fraction of the money spent at casinos. Online casinos make millions of dollars per year, and you can, too. One way you can add to your winnings is to qualify for casino bonuses.

Yet what exactly are casino bonuses, the kind they have on site like What do you have to do to qualify for them? What are the rules that affect how much you can win off of them?

Answer these questions and you can live comfortably as a gambler for years to come. Here is your quick guide.

Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus is a bonus you receive just for signing up with the online casino. Some casinos call their welcome bonuses “sign-up bonuses,” but both terms mean the same thing.

Most bonuses match your deposit. If you put in $20, the casino will give you $20 back. They may impose a cap on the match, so you will receive a maximum of $100 or so.

Some online casinos offer a package of deposits. You may get a 100% match on your first deposit, 75% on your second, and 50% on your third. This encourages you to stay with the casino, at least for the short term.

However, your bonus may come with some stipulations. You may need to deposit a minimum amount in order to qualify. You may need to start gambling with your money within a certain period of time, especially if the casino offers a reward for your second and third deposits.

Deposit Bonuses

You may receive additional bonuses for making deposits. Some casinos offer a bonus if you make a deposit on a holiday or at a certain time of day. They may match your deposit, or they may offer a discount for playing certain games.

These bonuses are rare because casinos do not have a strong incentive to offer them. They may offer them to encourage players to use their services during times when demand flags.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are bonuses you can receive without giving money to your casino. Some casinos will give you money when you create accounts with them. This is the gambling equivalent of a free trial, letting you get a sense of a casino’s services without paying money.

Other casinos will let you qualify for bonuses at different points in your career. They may have wheels you can spin with prizes attached to them. They may run giveaways where they will send rewards to a random person’s account.

If you receive a bonus as a free trial, you may need to follow some stipulations. If you win with your money, you may not be able to withdraw all of your winnings.

You may not be able to transfer money into different accounts. A casino can track where their bonuses are going, so you may be banned if you open multiple accounts to make multiple bonuses.

Loyalty Rewards

A loyalty bonus rewards you for your commitment to a casino. On the first anniversary of creating your account, the casino may wire you some money. They may give you perks like a customized avatar or graphics.

The longer you stay with a casino, the higher the bonuses. You may be invited to a VIP club where you can get the latest news on company updates.

In order to qualify for these bonuses, you may need to play a certain number of times a week or month. You may need to make a certain number of deposits so the casino knows your account is active. You also need to comply with the casino’s rules, especially by remaining respectful to other gamblers.

Free Plays

Casinos are starting to experiment with free plays. A casino may give you bonus funds, and you can spend the funds on pre-selected games. The casino may limit you to slot machines or cash games, and you may only have an hour to play.

If you make a profit, the casino can transfer it into your account. But you may need to make a deposit so the casino earns a little money back.


Casinos may offer cashback for deposits or losses on certain days. They often do this during the holiday season to encourage players to gamble then. They may also do this in the middle of the week so you make wagers during the workweek.

Every cashback bonus is different. A casino may state that 5% of the wagers you make on Wednesdays will be returned to you the following week.

High Roller Bonuses

High roller bonuses are rewards for gamblers who place a lot of money into their accounts. If you deposit $10,000 or more into your account, your casino may give you a bonus. They may match a part of your deposit, cover some of your losses, or let you access exclusive games.

The bonuses for high rollers vary from casino to casino. A few online casinos partner with live casinos, so you may receive perks if you visit the live one. Read the terms and conditions before you make significant deposits.

The Most Common Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses are more than meets the eye. You can make money just by signing up with a casino, depositing money, and gambling on a certain day. The longer you stay with a casino and the more money you deposit, the more bonuses you qualify for.

However, casinos won’t give you money without strings attached. You may not be able to withdraw your bonuses until you meet a rule of theirs. You should always read the rules before you use a bonus.

Online casinos are getting trickier over time. Read more gambling guides by following our coverage.


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