Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Tips

I noticed that traditional farmhouse kitchen décor is getting more and more popular nowadays. Seems like many people have grown tired of modern décor which can be monotone and sterile-looking. And without a doubt, traditional farmhouse designs are always looking alive and refreshing, especially for people who live in big cities.

Now, if you’re like me, you may still be confused about what to do next to realize your dream of having a traditional farmhouse kitchen. But don’t worry, I have gathered some great tips that you can follow in this article.

Try an open-concept

A typical farmhouse kitchen is centered around cooking spaces that can accommodate a lot of people and big, hearty meals. If you have the budget and space, then you could create an open concept with enough space to serve as the main gathering spot in your home. This kind of design also requires proper lighting for everyone in the kitchen. Luckily, I have lighting design ideas for traditional cottage kitchens for you.

Use old and mix it with new

Sometimes a farmhouse décor is a mix between old and new, and finding a perfect combination of old and new can create an ultimate kitchen. This is a great idea if you already have a modern-looking kitchen and want to add some nice farmhouse touch here and there. For example, your whole kitchen could boast a squeaky-clean look, and, in the middle, there is a vintage-style industrial stove that reminds you of the past. You can add some nice rustic and wooden kitchen tables too.

Open shelving

A traditional kitchen cabinet may not look good in a farmhouse kitchen. So you can swap them with open shelving, especially ones made of reclaimed slabs of wood for more immersion. With open shelving, you can stack plates and put vintage stemware and everyday essentials all out in the open. You may be surprised to see how much open shelving adds to the whole kitchen design.

Hang your tools

Similar to open shelving, hanging your tools could add a nice touch to your farmhouse kitchen. Besides, this is probably the easiest décor you can use for your kitchen. There’s just something special about hanging your cooking essentials and tools that makes you feel like living in a farmhouse. A copper rod with S hooks should do the trick. One rod is enough to hang everything from measuring cups, spoons, whisks, and more within reach. You can also use a wooden rod instead if you want.

Let natural light in

I’ve mentioned lighting before, but if you need more, you can always rely on natural light. Try to create many openings that can let as much natural light in as possible. Keep things light and airy via metallic details, white walls, and plenty of windows. Cooking and gathering in this kind of kitchen is really refreshing.

Use all kinds of material

There’s no reason to stick with one kind of material, even in a traditional farmhouse kitchen. Meaning, you don’t have to stick to wooden material. There are also other materials that you can use, such as stainless steel, stone, and metal. If you can incorporate as many raw materials inside the house, you can enhance the aesthetic of your farmhouse kitchen.

Exposed beams

This may be too much of a change for some kitchen, but if you can do it, perhaps you should. Exposed beams really enhance the look of your farmhouse kitchen. So if you’re lucky enough to have exposed beams in your home, there are some tricks you can do to improve them. You can stain them in a dark shade and to add extra contrast, paint your walls white.

Traditional chairs

Of course, you’ll need chairs in the kitchen. And there are no better chairs than wooden traditional chairs. These chairs are perfect for a traditional farmhouse kitchen, and I bet everyone is going to love sitting on them. Light blonde wood paired with an iron light fixture could be the design that you’re looking for.


There you have it, some great traditional farmhouse kitchen décor tips that you can follow. Now what you need to do is go shopping and start mixing some things up. This could be a very fun project for you and the end result will definitely be satisfying.


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