Top 10 Things Guys Do That Girls Love

Attracting a girl is the first hurdle to a relationship. However, maintaining one can be complicated. Many guys feel overwhelmed by the steps they should take.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always the big things that get a reaction. Sometimes it’s the small, thoughtful gestures that are the best.

There’s always new ways to spice up a relationship. In this article we are going to explore various ways to keep a girl happy.

1. Opening the door

Chivalry is definitely not dead. Opening the door for a girl is such a small gesture. However, it shows true character.

This small action lets a girl know that you are thinking about her. Furthermore, it demonstrates that you pay attention to details. These are all things that girls appreciate. 

Evidently, gestures like this show that you were raised with good values. This will let girls imagine a long term relationship with you. 

This lets her see you as more than a boyfriend. It illustrates that you may be a good role model for her future children one day.

2. Hug/Hold Her

Again, this is a simple gesture. However, guys often overlook how much this means to a girl. Girls genuinely enjoy spending quality time with guys. Having a guy hold them is even better.

It is especially nice to get hugged from behind. This is something that can be unexpected. Furthermore, it shows how much you care.

Holding someone is showing them affection. Holding them tightly is showing that you care a lot. A girl is more likely to feel safe and secure in a relationship when you hold her often.

3. Learning Her Love Language

Dr. Gary Chapman wrote a book entitled The Five Love Languages in 1995. This book outlines the 5 different ways we express love. 

These 5 ways are how we feel appreciated by our partner. Needless to say, this varies person-to-person. 

Our specific love language is dependent on our personality types. Accordingly, understanding this in our partner is integral to a healthy relationship. Therefore, addressing these adequately ensures that both people remain happy. 

The five love languages are: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch.

Words of affirmation can mean giving compliments. Girls who need this love to be validated. Consequently, it is important for the guy to verbalize how he feels.

Acts of service is doing something for your partner. Girls like when her partner demonstrates their love through actions. These don’t have to be grand – small things are appreciated as well.

Receiving gifts is self-explanatory. Once again, the gifts do not need to be large. Small gifts are appreciated as well. This shows that you are thinking about your partner.

Quality time is just that – quality. There is an emphasis put on the quality of the time that is spent together. This takes precedence over the quantity of time.

Spending quality time together can mean various things. This can be romantic dates, getaways, or a simple movie night.

Physical touch is the last love language. Some girls find this the most important one. They need the physical stimulation to feel close to their partner.

It’s important to learn what a girl’s love language is. This will help you understand her needs better. Essentially, it will keep her happy within the relationship.

4. Having a good sense of humour

This is an important part of any relationship. Humour allows both people to let loose. Nothing is fun if it’s too serious.

Demonstrating that you have a good sense of humour will add easiness into the relationship. It shows that you have a light personality. Also, what girl doesn’t like to laugh?

Evidently, this is an important factor in any relationship. However, this doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Therefore, men should practice developing their own personal sense of humour.

There are many ways to do this. Firstly, you could watch a lot of comedies on television or in movies. This will show you what makes girls laugh.

Secondly, you could go to comedy clubs. This will demonstrate what others laugh at. You can then practice it on your own time. It will seem more natural as you practice more. 

5. Offering his jacket/sweater

This is a huge one. Girls love when guys offer them a jacket or sweater when it’s cold. It allows the girl to feel more comfortable. It also shows that he’s thinking about how she feels.

A guy should just give the jacket without asking. A girl may feel too shy to accept it if a guy asks. This way, she has no choice. 

This also shows other people that the couple are together. It illustrates that the guy is proud to be seen with his girl. This is a small gesture but much appreciated.

6. Meeting his friends

Friends are big part of anyone’s life. It is an old saying that friends are our chosen family. Who we choose to surround ourselves with shows who we truly are. 

We choose are friends based on our interests. These are people we can trust and rely on. Needless to say, they play a huge role in our lives.

Introducing a new girl to our friends is a big deal. It shows your friends that you are serious about this girl. Furthermore, it shows the girl that you care about her deeply.

Guys don’t introduce all girls to their friends. Therefore, this means that they’re serious about them. 

Meeting his friends is a step before meeting the family. This is a definite way to show a girl that you are committed to her. 

7. Watching her favourite TV show

It is no secret that girls and guys generally enjoy different series. This is something that many couples bicker over. 

Watching a girl’s favourite show with her demonstrates that you know what her interests are. This is an important part in a relationship.

This shows that you will do something for her, even if you don’t enjoy it. Also, it shows that you are putting an effort into her hobbies.

Watching TV allows people to rewind. It’s a relaxing way to spend the weekend. It means a lot when a guy is willing to spend this time together. 

Although this is a small gesture, it demonstrates a little sacrifice. It will show that you are willing to give up trivial things. 

8. Showing your real emotions

Many guys find it difficult to show how they truly feel. Boys are socialized to hold in their emotions. Society doesn’t celebrate them when they are honest.

However, this is the wrong approach to take in a relationship. Girls appreciate when a guy can be honest. Furthermore, it is refreshing.

This shows that a guy cares enough to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is a key factor in any relationship. This is foundational to maintaining a healthy relationship. 

When you inhibit your emotions it can strain the relationship. It makes your partner feel like you don’t feel safe in the relationship. 

It’s important to discuss feelings often. Communication is key. It allows you to work through any issues. It’s also an opportunity to explore new areas of growth.

9. Writing Notes

It is extremely rare to get a note nowadays. This is because we live in a technological era. Gone are the times of written letters.

Accordingly, receiving a written note is so much more exciting. This is different to what other guys will be doing. Furthermore, this takes a lot more effort than a simple text.

Sitting down and writing a note takes planning. It shows that your feelings aren’t fleeting. Instead, you cherish and value this person. 

As stated before, many men find it difficult to express their emotions. However, it can feel easier to write this down. This is also a good way to streamline your thoughts. 

Writing notes is a unique way to capture someone’s attention. This is also something she can keep and look back on in the future. It’s a keepsake for the relationship. 

10. Making a playlist

Making a playlist is such a thoughtful thing to do. This is also a cheap, but impactful, way to show you care. 

Most people have Spotify or iTunes accounts. This makes it easy to create and share playlists. It is also a convenient way to show your appreciation.

Playlists are also a way to be more vulnerable. This is helpful for guys who have difficulties opening up. 

Playlists are also an insight into your personality. It demonstrates what kind of music you like. Furthermore, what you can relate to. It’s a window into your life. 

Girls appreciate anything you share with them. It’s an opportunity to learn more about each other. This allows a girl to feel close to you. 


There are many ways to make a girl feel appreciated. Girls love when guys feel vulnerable and open around them. Furthermore, they value having fun in relationships.

Guys should think about the little things they can do. There are small, selfless things that have a huge impact. This also makes a girl feel special. 


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