Top 10 Family Guy Memes

Family Guy has become a household name over the years. The show premiered on January 31st, 1999. It is one of the most well-known animated sitcoms to ever exist. 

The series follows the ‘Griffin’ family. It focuses on the 6 family members – which includes their dog. 

The father, Peter Griffin, is the cheery and lovable protagonist. Every episode centers around him. This character is a stereotypical working-class father. 

Peter spends a lot of time drinking with his friends. He is known for his impulsive decisions. Furthermore, he puts himself into uncomfortable situations. 

It comes to light that Peter is actually cognitively impaired. His IQ is extremely low. Needless to say, this results in poor decisions.

Lois Griffin is the mother. She is sensible. Accordingly, she is often seen as the “voice of reason.” However, she possesses a dark side. 

The Griffin’s have three kids. Meg and Chris are teenagers with unique personalities. Stewie is an evil-genius baby. They also have a dog named Brian. Brian can speak and has various other human qualities. 

Family Guy has made an impact over the past couple of decades. We are going to revisit some of the best memes that have come from the show.

1. Meg’s Instagram vs. Reality

Instagram vs. reality is a recent trend on social media. This is where people showcase two pictures side-by-side. 

One picture is beautiful, glossy, and poised. Accordingly, it is something one would post to their feed. It is deemed as “insta-worthy.”

The second picture is a more accurate depiction of reality. It shows something for how it truly is.  

This meme shows Meg looking really attractive. However, this isn’t true to how he actually is. 

2. Temptation is calling…

Peter often gets into tricky situations. This can be attributed to his low IQ. Consequently, he has difficulties understanding consequences. 

The sign clearly states not to push the button. However, odds are that Peter will push the button. He has shown that he cannot control his impulses. 

3. Stewie’s Coping Mechanisms 

Stewie is a baby in the series. However, his personality is adult-like. Furthermore, Stewie is perceived to be an intellectual prodigy. 

This meme is an accurate depiction of Stewie’s adult-like tendencies. He isn’t an emotional character in the slightest. Therefore, it fits that he would start drinking when something bad happens.

4. Canadians vs. Everyone Else

This meme is depiction from one of the episodes. Meg is clearly shouting at her family members. She believes that they think they are better than her.

However, the meme creator has replaced the faces with country flags. Some Canadians feel that other nations view themselves to be more superior. Canadians are often perceived as being too nice.

This meme strikes a cord for anyone that is from this cold country. It is definitely relatable.

5. “Meg’s our daughter…”

Meg is definitely not celebrated for her looks. Accordingly, she gets picked on quite often. This isn’t limited to a single person. Many people crack jokes about her appearance.

Meg’s signature look involves a short bob. She also wears loose, non-revealing clothing. She is considered to be a tomboy. 

This is an iconic Family Guy episode. Robbers enter the house and take Meg. They want money in exchange for her safe return. However, they believe that Meg is a boy.

Peter and Lois awkwardly tell the robbers that Meg is a girl. This provides a lot of comedic relief.

6. The most epic t-shirt

Okay, so this one isn’t quite a meme. However, it was funny enough to warrant recognition.

This t-shirt demonstrates Peter Griffin in 7 different scenarios. Each illustration is an actual depiction of something he has done. 

Evidently, two decades of airtime have resulted in many stupid decisions. It’s an (animation) miracle that the guy is still alive. 

This t-shirt is perfect for any die-hard Family Guy fan.

7. Unfollowing…

Our social media platforms have become sad ways of “maintaining” relationships we don’t actually care about. Think about how many people you follow that you don’t talk to anymore.

Furthermore, it can be frustrating watching people do well if you aren’t. It can get irritating having to constantly see this on social media. 

This meme relates to how annoying this can feel. Therefore, the only feasible reaction is to… unfollow.

8. “Round is a shape”

Peter Griffin is notorious for his body type. Many episodes center around his unhealthy habits. He eats a lot of fast food. Furthermore, he rarely exercises. 

Furthermore, Peter is un-intentionally funny. This is attributed to his low-IQ. He says things as he sees them. This ultimately adds a lot of humour to the series.

Nonetheless, Peter’s body shape is symbolic of many American citizens. Therefore, many people can relate to this meme.

9. This seems like a reasonable alternative

In this episode Peter promises to quit drinking. He tells Lois that it’s the end for him. This is how Peter spends the majority of his time. Therefore, this is saying a lot.

However, Peter doesn’t promise to quit substances altogether. We can see that he has definitely moved on from alcohol. Instead, he has started smoking crack.

Evidently, this is more detrimental to his health. However, this is reflective of all of the decisions he makes. This is a classic Peter move.

10. Damn autocorrect

Everyone has fell victim to this. Actually, this happens on a daily basis for most. Autocorrect still remains extremely PG. 

This is ironic because nobody knows you better than your phone. Your phone can actually predict what exact words you’re going to say next. 

However, this always seems to be the one exception. No matter how many times you try to use the F-word it’s to no avail.

Maybe Apple is just trying to break our bad habits… one swear word at a time.


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