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The Ultimate Guide to Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trading

Are you familiar with day trading? Honestly, it’s one of the best ways to start making extra money. And not only can you earn some extra money, but you can earn a very handsome income if you invest in your education and stick with it long enough.

Day trading has been around for quite some time now. It’s always focused on the trading of individual stocks and securities. But today, with the rise of cryptocurrency, you can now make a profit by day trading crypto. 

But those who are really interested in success will focus on cryptocurrency algorithmic trading. Rather than actively having to make tons of individual trades yourself day in and day out, you instead create algorithmic trading strategies to automatically conduct trades on your behalf.

So if you want to earn the income of a crypto day trader, without having to work long hours in front of the computer, then listen up and keep reading to see what it’s all about. 

Does Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trading Work?

You might be familiar with day trading, and even using a stock trading algorithm, but do algorithms apply to crypto trading? They sure do. But in general, the crypto world refers to algorithmic trading as using trading bots.

These bots are programmed by algorithms to either buy or sell, depending on the information they receive from the market.

The truth is that trading stocks and trading crypto are virtually the same things. The only difference is the medium of exchange.

Stocks and traditional securities are far less volatile and provide for a more consistent trading environment. But cryptocurrencies are still so new and so volatile, that the regular upswing and downswings are very different from the stock market.

But whether you are using algorithmic trading software to automatically trade stocks, or a bot to automatically trade coins and tokens, your goal is the same; buy low and sell high, pocketing a profit while offsetting any trading fees that occurred. 

Copy Your Way to Success

The beauty of algorithmic trading, whether it’s with cryptocurrency or traditional stocks, is that it’s duplicatable. For example, if I teach you my exact trading strategy, and you start doing everything that I’m doing, then you will start winning just like me.

Your success in copying me doesn’t diminish my success. Therefore, I am free, along with anyone else, to openly share trading strategies and secrets, to help you speed up your way to profit, without hurting my own chances at a profit.

Kevin of understands this, which is why he makes all of his trading systems available to whoever wants them. And that’s what makes algorithmic options trading so beautiful.

While certain material may be referring primarily to stocks, the same principles can apply in any trading environment, including crypto. 

Getting Started With Crypto

So you should get into cryptocurrency algorithmic trading? First off, you should probably invest in some crypto if you haven’t already.

Then, you should play around with some smaller trades. See if you can buy a particular coin when it dips, and sell it for a profit. Once you can do this, you’ll realize the potential that crypto trading has.

And even better when you can automate the entire process.

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